Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday Gossip!

Today in gossip - Raghav hits Bollywood; Singham faces trouble in Karnataka; JUST DANCE; and more!

* Screenings of
Singham may have resumed in Karnataka but the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce is demanding deletion of "objectionable scenes."

* Inside the world of
product placement and displacement in films.

Desai also cites the instance of Munni badnaam hui that used Zandu balm in its lyric. Emami dashed off a copyright infringement notice to the producers but an out-of-court settlement later, it used the number to revive its product.

"Instead of countering it, they were smart to cash in on the song's popularity by using it for their new ad," says Desai. "Like celebrities, it is important for brands to be in the news. Even if it is for a controversy or an insulting joke, as a brand you should chuckle and go along with it instead of taking it on."

* Raghav makes his
Bollywood soundtrack debut.

* Suniel Shetty is being take to court by
a stunt man who is demanding payment.

* Did Vivek Oberoi push Charmey out of
Zilla Ghaziabad?

* Mohanlal says he's
not guilty of tax fraud.

Is anybody watching Hrithik's show?

Just Dance is a lot of fun!!

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