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Sunday Gossip!

Oh, my blog friends... I have so much writing to do for you and so little time! Well, I will try my best! I have a review of ZNMD in the works (spoiler alert: I really enjoyed it) along with some other odds and ends.

But now, let's check in with the Bollywood gossip circuit!

Today in gossip - laments for long lost hairlines and for the extravagant sets of yesteryear; Shahrukh and Akshay are stuck with nuisance complaints; Jackie Fernandez speaks for herself; and MORE!

* We must say a fond farewell to screenwriter
Sachin Bhowmick.

Sachin died recently aged 80 and had nearly 100 films stories and screenplays to his credit, and gifted a romantic image to many heroes. As Rishi Kapoor who acted in several of Sachin’s written films such as Karz, Khel Khel Mein, Hum Kisi Se Kum Nahin, etc, reminiscing about the writer said in an interview, “If ever an actor in the ’60s and ’70s wanted an image makeover we went over to Sachin. He wrote some of my most romantic films and of my uncle Shammi Kapoor.”

* Shiv Sena blasts Shahrukh for throwing a party
for Katrina's birthday so soon after the bomb blasts.

* Read a heartfelt lament for the
extravagant sets of yesteryear.

Benegal, who is known for contributing some of the greatest gems to Indian cinema, says that the slow demise of such theatrical sets may be because they suspended reality. "The theatrical sets never concentrated to make it life-like because there is always a suspension of disbelief in the theatrical plots and they gave importance only to the acting part."

Another problem is that we have started enjoying the kitsch in the name of sets now, says Benegal, who shot 'Welcome to Sajjanpur' and 'Well done Abba' on sets but ensured that they were close to reality. "There was a certain charm to those magnificent sets but now we are enjoying it because of the kitsch quality. You have taken the inspiration and there is a cut out moon and reflection in the water," says Benegal.

* And then read a heartfelt tribute to
Bollywood hairdos.

Those who care a damn about their hair entice the same feeling among the audience. Case in point: Akshaye Khanna, an excellent actor, who isn’t visible at all on the scene today. The moment his hair thinned, he sported wigs which looked in the danger of falling off right in the middle of a comic scene. Unintentionally.

Sunny Deol hasn’t ever looked as dynamic as he did in
Ghayal ever since his hair turned a gaajar halwa shade of orange. Brother Bobby’s hair, once appealingly golliwog-curly and dishevelled, is now combed and corrected in the manner of someone punished to look neat.

* Sohail Khan will be gracing the
small screen as a reality show judge.

* Jacqueline Fernandez and Sajid Khan? I don't usually give
any thought to link-up rumors but in this case I thought it was kind of funny. I don't think any woman is going to pin Sajid Khan down... he's an old school player.

Read an interview with
the lady herself where she talks about staying in the industry.

Speaking of her post-Miss Sri Lanka -Mumbai experience Jacqueline says “I went in thinking ‘I’ve got a good smile and I’ve got great PR, I’m going to be fine’ but I wasn’t. It’s a business, an economy. People don’t really care about you and no one’s out there to make friends,” she continues. “It’s not a fairytale, it’s not about candyfloss. It’s a mature world, and you need to be prepared for it.”

* This is kind of interesting - a real deaf and mute boy will be seen playing a deaf and mute boy in
an upcoming film.

* Akshay Kumar suffers through another nuisance

* Rohit Shetty says remakes are just
cultural exchange... which I think is exactly the right attitude.

* Bollywood has done
okay business this year.

* Check out the guide for
Bollywood strugglers.

For those who are aiming for the stars and the moon right from the start: keep in mind that small opportunities need to be grabbed as well. Because though the grocer down the road may be a movie buff, he is definitely not going to give you his eggs and bread free of charge just for the ‘love of cinema’.For those who don’t ever need to see their local grocer: well clearly, their ‘genes’ have given them a silver spoon. So they should hold on to it with both hands and use it unapologetically.

Jackie on the cover of M... not the most flattering picture of La Jacqueline... who let this get by public relations?

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