Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday Gossip!

Good morning! I thought I would share with you a new podcast I did with the team over at upodcast. We talk about Bollywood copies, remakes, straight lifts... and how they are treated by fans, fanboys, and critics.

You can probably guess where I stand on remakes of classic films... (NEVER!)

So, go listen and make sure to send in your comments. I think this is a good discussion to have.

Now, today in gossip - Sanjay Dutt's straight lift of Pink Panther... and not the good version; Rachel Saltz farts out another terrible review; Ameesha Patel's brother is in trouble with the law again; Ajay Devgn doesn't care for gimmicky promotions (I LOVE YOU AJAY); and MORE!

* A nice little compare-contrast in how a Western newspaper should be reviewing Bollywood films. In one corner, Rachel Saltz, the hack movie 'critic' who uses her platform to make sweeping generalizations about India and Bollywood.

Singham review:

What makes Singham old-fashioned? Let me count the ways. First, there’s the 2-hour-20-minute running time, which bucks the new Bollywood trend to keep it short and lean. Then there’s the full complement of songs and dances — a treat, now that so many movies forgo musical numbers or include them only as spoofs.

First of all, what is she even talking about? There was nowhere near a full compliment of songs - there never are in a Rohit Shetty film - and what trend for shorter films? Last week's big hit was 2 and half hours. STOP MAKING THINGS UP, RACHEL SALTZ.

Now, check out
The LA Times review:

Singham is as boldly overwrought as an early silent melodrama, and its comic relief is extremely broad. Indeed, its underlying sentiment — that country life, being close to nature, is pure while city life is foul — is a persistent theme in early cinema. Bollywood fans are more likely than not to be able to go with Singham's lengthy — but lively — ride.

Wow! Talking about the film in a review? And tying it in to references Westerners will understand? Man, he has a lot to learn before being able to review like the so-called expert Rachel Saltz.

* Ameesha Patel's brother Ashmit
beat up a friend of Imran Khan's at a nightclub. Apparently this isn't the first time Ashmit has caused trouble...

Anupam Kher filed a complaint against Ashmit after his son Sikandar was beaten by Sohail Khan and Ashmit at a Bandra nightspot. According to sources, the incident sparked off when Sikandar commented on Salman Khan, which irked Sohail.

* Sometimes, I just really love solid, sturdy Ajay Devgn. He doesn't need fancy schemes to
promote his films.

"Ultimately, the theatre will have people who really want to see the film. I mean whoever wants to watch the movie will anyways go watch it and those who don't want to watch, will not. We just did our bit in creating awareness among the public about the film by visiting different cities and talking about the film." So, he thinks that is enough promotion? "Yes, I think this much is enough," Ajay says.

You and me both,
yaar... enough with stupid gimmicks.

* Meena Kumari's poems will
live again in audio form.

* Bebo is set to rock an
ordinary girl look in Bodyguard.

* Will we see Prakash Raaj in the Hindi remake of

* An appropriate news story for today -
Sanjay Dutt's new film is allegedly a direct lift of Steve Martin's dire Pink Panther movie.

* I'm not sure if I wanted
this insight into Rani Mukerji's finances... she needs every payment to be divided by three.

* Prakash Jha takes on
the UP government for talking about his film on university campuses.

* Prakash-sir would be better off banning
Deepika Padukone from talking about her private life. Take a page out of Kat's book and just 'no comment' your way through these nonsense questions!

Buzz is that his girlfriend Kareena Kapoor doesn’t get along with any of his leading ladies. Comment.

Well that’s her insecurity I can’t do anything about that. But we’ve had no problems. In fact, when she came to London, we got along well. We went out one night. She was on set and watching the shoot even in Hyderabad. As far as I know, there is nothing wrong. I don’t think she has anything to worry about.

* Abhay Deol and Saif Ali Khan both have
zombie films in the works... I think I knew this already.

The trailer for
Pink Panther Chatur Singh Two Star. It looks just as dire as the remake of the original it was taken from. Give me Peter Sellers any day...


maxqnz said...

I really enjoyed the podcast - I must have done since it's the first one I've finished, apart from a couple your interviews. It was fun and interesting, but I wonder how it might have gone had there not been such broad agreement between the four of you?

maxqnz said...

Aaargh! I commented before reading all your post. WHY would anyone want to remake Steve Martin's Pink Panther? I avoided it like the plague, out of respect to both Sellers AND Martin, who's done such great work in times past. If anyone today was to essay a Hindi Clouseau, my choice would be Paresh Rawal, I think.

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xoxo Filmi Girl
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