Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday Gossip

I'm ba~aaaaack! I hope everybody had a lovely week and weekend. I'm finally home after all my traveling and visiting and hopefully it won't take me too long to get back into the swing of things.

Shall we just dive right in?

Today in gossip - casting news for a bunch of films, Arshad Warsi heads off to shoot his new film, the trailer for John Abraham's Force, AND MORE!

* My main man Arshad Warsi is heading off to shoot
Zila Ghaziabad (check out his look!) and guess who is joining the cast of that film... Deepak Dobriyal!

* The
Ra.1 video game is releasing in September.

* I have been seeing
these kinds of stories about Ranveer Singh the last week or so. Some "source" has been complaining about his attention-seeking behavior at IIFA - it doesn't seem all that bad to me personally. I'm more interested in who has been planting these stories? Some jealous girl? Some jealous boy? An outraged parent trying to boost the image of his or her own child?

* Madhur Bhandarkar is
now saying that Aishwarya's pregnancy was hidden from him - which seems odd because didn't he initially say they all knew like a month before the press, which is why the "weight gain" was written into the script?

* Ayesha Takia has really returned to film! She's going to start shooting something with
Akshaye Khanna.

* Rajkumar Hirani has finished the
third Munnabhai script!

* Bebo turns down a chance to groove for

* Priyanka Chopra is doing a
cameo in Ra.1, as will Sanjay Dutt. SRK is leaving no stone unturned.

* The Big B is back in
RGV's Department.

* Abhinav Kashyap is heading South to work with
Vijay on a film.

* Is Ajay Devgn's next move another
South remake?

* Kunal Khemu is finally
getting work. That guy is an AMAZING Hero and I will 100% fully support any film he is in.

* Sunny Deol, the original South remake boy, is back with
Ghayal Returns.

Says Ashwini Chaudhary, the man entrusted to direct Ghayal Returns, "Except for Dabangg which was as 'desi' as it gets, most of the action flicks these days are South remakes. I am not saying they are bad; in fact the promo of Singham looks fantastic to me. It's just that sensibility of Ghayal Returns would be different from the rest. Sunny wants drama and action to go together while staying away from gimmickry."

I can't help but imagine that Sunny Deol's tastes are still pretty gimmicky, even if he tries to tone it down some.

* I suspected we'd be seeing an article like
this one after Shirish Kunder tweeted that he was off partying in Jerusalem last night. Apparently, there is a move on to strengthen Indian-Israeli ties... instead of just importing hippies from Israel, India is going to go off and film in the Holy Land.

This really just seems like a terrible idea - does India
really want to kiss up to Israel in the face of Palestinian suffering? Not that the Muslim community is a monolithic entity but is EVERYBODY going to ignore Israel's crimes? I'm not too sure that Muslim actors and technicians in Bollywood would be too comfortable shooting in Israel...


Okay, check out the trailer for John Abraham's new film


sandeep said...

Check this out

or have you already covered it on one of your previous mondays?

Recent follower of your blog

Bombay Talkies said...

While there are a great number of excellent Israeli films (and films set in that country) I will certainly not be going out of my way to see a film that is the product of any PR effort by the Israeli government. Would a B'wood crew be interested in making a film there if they weren't being encouraged and helped by the government? I wonder how many Muslim actors and crew members would be comfortable being there as guests of a government with a heinous record towards not just Palestinians but their own Arab and Muslim citizens.

E granada said...

Wow, filmigirl, I've been a regular reader of your blog for quite a while now, but after reading your post today I'm bitterly disappointed with you.

I realize that this is your blog and you can write anything you like, but to involve the two worlds of BW and politics of the Middle East seems completely uncalled for, especially in light of the fact that as an American, you rely solely on the American media and know relatively little about the actual situation.

Yes, I know all too well what's going on there, and very bad things are happening - VERY bad things on both sides and yet, this conflict is deeper and so much more complex than to be dismissed with a few angry comments, comments that are quite frankly out of place on an entertainment-oriented blog.
You are a highly intelligent woman, but even seasoned journalists, older and more experienced in world politics than yourself, would tread very carefully where this issue is concerned.

People who enjoy this bashing usually have very little grasp of ALL the real facts in the Middle-East conflict.

I realize that you might not publish my comment and that's fine.

Filmi Girl said...

@e granada Thank you for your comment. I welcome critiques as long as they are on point. :)

I respect your right to disagree with me but I have to take issue with your dismissal of my comments. Frankly, I'm insulted that you assumed that I know nothing about the world because I'm American.

Let me stress that I emphatically DO NOT rely on the American media for news. I do, in fact, have Palestinian acquaintances who have spoken with me about the situation. On top of that I have done quite a bit of reading on this situation in Palestine from numerous sources and angles and I don't think my opinions are any less informed than anybody else who has been following the situation from outside the region.

The bottom line is that Bollywood producers have NO BUSINESS going up into Israel and taking a pleasure junket from the government. Period.

You may think I'm mostly focused on entertainment but I have always aimed to be honest about my opinions and I tie a lot of social science and philosophy and history into my approaches on different films.

So, disagree with me but don't tell me that I don't know anything.

Filmi Girl said...

And for the record, I only delete comments that are advertisements or personal attacks.

E granada said...

I know what I have to say might make you angry - but yes, I'm afraid that you don't really know a lot about this. You might think you do, but I believe that your knowledge is not deep, and this is not meant as an insult but merely to state that this is such a difficult situation to understand properly, that even if you've lived there for years it will remain a puzzle.

People who are FROM the Middle East, who have a very strong grasp and understanding of the history and nature of the conflict are still, today, frustrated, baffled and perplexed as to what is going on and has been going on, which is a multi-layered and deeply complicated situation on many levels. Terrible things are happening all the time on both sides, yet this is not completely a black and white situation.

I will not continue this discussion because we obviously don't see eye-to-eye. You seem to take the pro Palestinian view and you have the right to do so: but as a writer,(and I'm saying this with absolutely no intention of offending you personally) I believe you should be very careful with political statements on such complex topics of which very, very few people in the US can comment knowledgeably.

Filmi Girl said...

@e granada And I really don't think you know what I know or don't know. I'm on the side of HUMAN RIGHTS, which, unfortunately, is not the side of the Israeli government. There is no "both sides" to this issue any more than there is a "both sides" to the American debate over creationism in the classroom.

It's a false dichotomy.

And don't assume that just because I'm American it doesn't mean I have no experience in the wider world.

Bombay Talkies said...

I think it's bad form to try to tell someone what they can and can't (or should or shouldn't) write about.

Just because someone holds an opinion that's different from yours, Granada, doesn't mean that A) they aren't intelligent or educated about the topic and B) aren't entitled to it.

I've disagreed with FilmiGirl on a number of things she's written here but I've never insinuated that she might not know what she's talking about or that she shouldn't write what she does.

For what its worth I actually have a degree in "this" (and have family and friends on both sides) and I think FG is spot on with her criticism.

maxqnz said...

Another voice from the sidelines in support of FilmiGirl. Like BombayTalkies, I have had (more than?) my fair share of disagreements with FilmiGirl here, but I have to defend her against illogical accusations.
I am NOT going to get into a debate about the situation in Israel/Palestine, but to accusde FilmiGirl of being ignorantly biased in favour of the Palestinian side of the issue because "as an American, you rely solely on the American media " is odious and illogical.

Odious because it makes a coimpletely unsupported assumption, that ALL US citizens are insular and ignorant of views from outside the US. That's demeaning and insulting to the many, many US citizens who expose themselves to the world as fully as possible.

It's also illogical because if it WERE true that FilmiGirl only ever accessed US media and allowed that narrow frame to shape her views, those views would be pro-Israel, strongly so. The State of Israel simply could not continue to exist without the billions in aid it received from the US, and that reality is one reason why the perspective of most of the rest of the world (other than Israel, obviously) is that the US media is overwhelmingly biased in favour of Israel not against it. The idea that exposure to only US media could shape strongly anti-Israel views seems risible to those of us without a vested interest in the debate.
I stress again, this is not taking sides on the issue - I'm a supranationalist who passionately abhors patriotism, nationalism and the concept of the nation-state, so I really don't take sides. What this is is a defence of someone who has been accused of being ignorant when I know that she's not, and when the accusation is not only personally offensive but lacking in internal logic and consistency. As my father used to say to me as a child, salaam alaikum, and as we say here, noho ora mai.

dagnyfan said...

Maxqnz- Just found myself agreeing with so many points you made in the last two comments (The Maxim cover and this one - I know- quite disparate, but still we seemed to see things the same way). Could you translate what salaam alaikum or noho ora mai mean. I know sometimes a phrase in one language is the perfect expression of a difficult to translate concept, but I'd appreciate it

maxqnz said...

@dagnyfan - "salaam alaikum" - "may you have peace". Arabic, but used throughout the Muslim world, including what is now Pakistan, where my father grew up, which is probably why they were the first "Indian" words I ever learned, before I started school. "Noho ora mai" "May you be (remain) well" in one my country's three official languages.

Note from Filmi Girl:

I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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