Sunday, July 31, 2011

From the Vaults: Half-Ticket

I wrote this years ago but since I just put up a post on a Kalidas film, I thought I would dig up my old posts on Kalidas films. So, please excuse the lack of substance and just enjoy the enthusiasm!

Before I get all swoony over Kishore Kumar and Madhubala and their tragic marriage, let me first complain about the shoddy quality of the DVD. It makes me so sad to see classics like
Half Ticket treated so poorly. While American, European, and films from places like Japan get painstaking restoration, beloved Hindi films get poor sound quality, washed out (or seriously trippy - I'm looking at you colorized Mughal-e-Azam) pictures, and worst of all - MISSING REELS!

So, anyways,
Half Ticket is the story of a rabble rousing younger son of a business tycoon who angers his father so much that his father wants to get him married off to calm him down! The plot is really just an excuse for Kishore to run around looking silly. It really is a classic, though.

Pran shows up as a jewel thief. Kishore has to pretend to be a boy for various reasons.

Pran hides the jem in Kishore's back pocket which leads to many hilarious attempts of various people to grab his ass.

Disguised as a boy, Kishore runs into Madhubala, who assumes that he's an escapee from a mental institute!

She finds out the truth, but by that time it's too late because Kishore has already met MANORAMA!

In a role eerily similar to my life, Manorama plays Madhubala's maiden aunt who spends her time putting pictures in her Elvis Presley scrapbook.

Manorama insists that Madhubala get married and not end up an old maid.

They are too cute!

Also, Manorama drives a wrecking ball.

Kishore and Pran do an amazing song - a male/female duet with both parts sung by Kishore.

And Helen stops by!

In conclusion, Pran was really good looking as a young man.

Also, I want to see films like this treated better. There were a few missing reels on the DVD that ruined a number of joke set-ups. Even for just a timepass comedy, there were a number of wonderful scenes and plot threads - like Kishore Kumar's forcing the household help to go on strike and the Pran/Kishore duet dance number.

(And no mention of
Half Ticket would be complete without the roller skating number.)

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