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First of all apologies to anybody who is following me on twitter and who doesn't care about Golmaal 3. I've kind of gone Golmaal-crazy the last couple days. Expect a few posts on the film... Go-go-go-golmaal!

Awesome new Singham promo, Q and Anurag Kashyap are teaming up, our dear Sunny Malik gets to hobnob with Jiah Khan, and OTHER ASSORTED NONSENSE!

* Check out some Bollywood reviews from
a Western journalist who has clearly just had his mind blown..

Murder 2 is a glossy, confident thriller executed with panache. While it borrows liberally from every serial killer movie from Tightrope to Seven, its mood of hell-for-leather excess quickly becomes intoxicating. Viewers accustomed to Hollywood's formulaic take on the same sort of material are in for a treat, even if they are thrown by the presence of an interval (a Bollywood convention), or by the dubious music-video coda featuring Arjun and Priya cavorting in the killer's boudoir.

* Nothing can stop the
Bollywood juggernaut. ZNMD is released without delay - and reviews are saying that it's pretty good but the first half is extremely slow.

* Let's give three cheers for Somy Ali who has quietly been working with
a charity to help victims of domestic abuse - specifically women who have immigrated to the US may not know their options. Check it out here.

Jordan is looking to boost tourism from India by encouraging more film shootings.

* Meanwhile news stories are filtering out from the
American-Jewish Committee-funded pleasure junket in Israel. I wish I could have been a fly on the wall during some of these exchanges.

“Israel by itself is not a market,”[Bobby] Bedi said. “I mean, there are 700,000 people, excuse me, seven million people. By the time you sort of dissect them into the movie-going audience it is smaller than a small Indian city.”

“Yes, but with Israel and India, that’s one-seventh of the world,” this reporter remarked.

“Yeah, but without Israel, India is still one-seventh of the world,” Bedi said.

You all know my thoughts on the propriety of Bollywood producers taking money from the AJC for a pleasure junket.

* Arshad Warsi worked overtime to make sure
Zila Ghaziabad got funding.

* My new favorite media personality Q is teaming up with
Anurag Kashyap for a film called Tasher Desh. Prepare to have your mind BLOWN! No, really, prepare.

* Up and coming superstar Bollywood journalist Sunny Malik got to chatting with the lovely Jiah Khan
at the Delhi Belly premiere.

* Shahrukh Khan copyrights his
Don tattoo... because idiots should have to PAY HIM for the honor of defacing their skin with the Don logo.

* Arbaaz Khan says Sohail
will not be in the Dabangg sequel.

* Look, can somebody just
PLEASE STOP SAIF ALI KHAN! Bro! You are NOT 25 nor do you look 'youthful' so just stop casting yourself opposite young looking girls and for the love of Helen, you do not need to be launching some new girl unless she is Raveena Tandon or somebody in her 30s making a re-launch.

* The distribution rights for
Krrish 3 have already been sold.

* The fairly awful
Rann is going to be released in English. I barely got through 15 minutes of this movie. TERRIBLE!

* Book review of
RD Burman: The Man, The Music.

Written with passion by two engineers who grew up on a healthy dose of Pancham's music at Jadavpur University, R.D. Burman: The Man, The Music packs in energy and information. Did you, for instance, know that Pancham came very close to acting when comedian Mahmood offered him first Sunil Dutt's role in Padosan, an evergreen comedy? Pancham, who never failed to make Mahmood laugh, was thought to have a career as a comedian, but RD remained true to his music. Of course, he scored music for the movie and the Manna Dey-Kishore Kumar number "Ek Chatur Naar"… still has people across generations tapping their feet and breaking out in a smile.

* Sushmita Sen wants to do an
item number - a raunchy one.

* My boy Diganth is looking to enter
Bollywood! Oh, the stories I could tell... but won't. Unless you ask nicely... heh.

And your reward for reading through all my BS... this awesome
Singham promo!!!


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