Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wednesday Gossip

Today in gossip - new BBUDDHA promo, updates on Dhoom 3, Asin and Salman talk to the media, the Censor Board wants to censor directors even further, and MORE!

* Archie comics are going
desi in India and are debuting a gay character in the USA! I love Archie comics.

And, look, if
Archie Comics, that bastion of traditional American values, is okay with gay people, then people holding on to hate and fear are really being Neanderthal.

* Okay, I'm not sure how I missed this but
Tashan director Vijay Krishna Acharya aka MY FAVORITE PERSON IN BOLLYWOOD is going to be at the helm for Dhoom 3. Vijay was the script writer for Dhoom and Dhoom 2 and it's his taste for masala much more than the action that makes those films worthwhile. Just to contrast, Dhoom and Dhoom 2 director Sanjay Gadhvi is the man behind Kidnap and a cheating case. Yeah.

* Read an interview with
Asin that harps on the fact that Salman Khan was the focus of the Ready promotions.

However even the film's promotion was quite concentrated on the Dabangg Khan. Didn't Asin ever feel that for a leading lady this could be catastrophic? Somewhere deep down her heart, didn't you ever feel that you were missing out on some share of action?

See such masala films are usually revolving around a hero and hence the promotion too was also mainly centred on him. I have been in the industry for long enough to understand such matters. A film has to be marketed for what it is and the way it has been made. I don't have any insecurity; I am sensible and understand the reasons behind you being on the forefront or asked to take a backseat. I can't be silly and immature by throwing tantrums in such matters.

This is a point that I've seen raised in other recent interviews with Asin and she gave similarly diplomatic answers to everyone. Sometimes I wonder if all Bollywood interviewers are operating from the exact same list of questions... like a fax is sent around Mumbai or something.

* Salman Khan, for his part, says he likes South films because
they still have heroes.

As for Bollywood, the actor feels that the ‘heroes’ were being missed big time’. “In fact, I agreed to act in Wanted because around that time, I really was fed up of watching the so called niche films or romcoms and wanted to go to a theatre and see a ‘hero’ film,” reveals Salman.

* The
Delhi Belly promos are going to continue to shock and awe. It's a marketing strategy that fetches their target audience, I suppose. All the 20-something guys in the theater for Ready guffawed over the "toilet" promo for the film.

* The Censor Board wants filmmakers to stop talking about cuts
to the press. Creepy - censorship without us being aware.

* Read an interview with

What's the secret to her seemingly timeless beauty?

Rekha: It's no secret, really! I am a spontaneous person. There is no end to the fruits of spontaneity. I've always believed that I am an old soul, captured in a timeless body -- not an ageless one. I don't give importance to physicality. Real beauty is what happens naturally, when you don't plan for it. The minute you have to make an effort, or are conscious about it, it vanishes. You are a product of your environment.

* Mahesh Bhatt is jumping on the social networking trend and having fans select
Murder 2 posters.

BBUDDHA promo!

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