Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tuesday Gossip!

Back to the old routine.
IFA was such a lovely dream...

I have a few more things from this weekend to post... like my
Double Dhamaal review. Yes, I saw it and, yes, it's actually pretty funny - if you like nut shots accompanied by sound effects! Which I DO!

Today in gossip - The last of the IIFA news is trickling out;
Delhi Belly is holding on strong; assorted casting news; a new Singham song trailer; and MORE!

* There is still some IIFA gossip trickling out, so let's see!

A funny recap from a
The National Post...

How much great, shiny hair was in town?

Short answer: lots. So much hair, so little time: My takeaway from attending one of the bigger IIFA parties, the one at Muzik, a few nights ago. Imagine an episode of Entourage but with all brown people (and better follicles), and you might get the gist of this boiling hot bash. If Kim Kardashian had walked in here, I remember thinking, she might not have gotten much of a second look: Everyone had curves, and Godgiven good skin ... oh, and did I mention super-silky locks?

Giving me good coif as l was leaving, BTW, was South Asian Zoolander-turned-movie-star Arjun Rampal -being escorted in with about eight security guards, and a scene out of Robert Pattinson-land. (I was nearly knocked over by and trampled by his all-agog fans in the process! And to think, as hottie-tandoori as he is, he's far from one of the A-list stars in Bollywood. No wonder, Shahrukh Khan who, by contrast, I've heard, was travelling with a security team of 25 while in the city! How's that for hairy?!)

Check out a great picture of
The Kapoor Clan at the Raj Kapoor retrospective and read a write-up from the Globe and Mail.

Much like Kelly and Brenda in a certain episode of
Beverly Hills 90210, Bips and Ameesha are are caught wearing the same dress to the ceremony!

Maria Goretti was
pissed off at Arjun Rampal's win for Best Supporting Actor, Male.

Anushka and Ranveer had a
showdown before the awards, which explains why she was shooting looks to kill on stage.

And Anushka Sharma is the latest actress to be
detained at the airport for undeclared jewels.

* Now for some
Delhi Belly action!

An article ponders
Delhi Belly's place among the English language films of Bollywood.

Read an interview with
Imran Khan!

Anil Kapoor is allegedly fuming over Aamir's comments on the
disco number.

Aamir warns people off
the film.

“It's a sensitive comedy. It's irreverently funny for adults' appetite. This film is not for people who don't like cuss words. It has a sense of humour which need not be taken seriously; it is for those who are young at heart,” Aamir said.

In short, for those with a juvenile sense of humor - like those of us who giggled at the copious nut shots in
Double Dhamaal? We'll have to see!

Double Dhamaal opens big!

* Katrina AND Anushka opposite
SRK in Yash Chopra's next.

Heroine has been put on hold but who is to blame?

* Hema Malini is pulling out
all the stops to generate interest in Esha's re-launch. She's having the girl dance to "Jab Tak Hai Jaan" from Sholay.

* Arshad is pushing for
Kangana Ranaut in Ishqiya 2! (See, he has great taste!)



Sal said...

Noooo. Madhuri for Isqhiya 2. Please, Messrs. hardwaj and Chaubey?

Shell said...

Personally I didn't quite see Madhuri in Ishqiya 2. I love her, but she doesn't have the earthy gritty quality to play opposite Arshad and Nass in this type of film. I think Kangana is a better choice, but you know who would be great? Rani. She's got all the spunk she'd need to keep up with those boys.

I'm still reeling over Arshad's loss. Maybe one day the fraternity will wake up and realize this man deserves serious accolades!

S said...

I saw Double Dhamaal and thought it was unfunny and mildly offensive. Was bored throughout. In contrast I saw a Kannada movie called 'Johnny Mera Naam, Preethi Mera Kaam' today and it was actually quite funny. I REALLY recommend you watch if as soon as you get your hands on it FG. Ramya was looking SMOKING!!! I'm a straight girl but I could NOT take my eyes off her for even a second! It helped that the hero was...not attractive, to put it VERY mildly. Anyway, if you can't see it check out the song "Diva Diva" on youtube.

Glad you had fun at IIFA.

Filmi Girl said...

@Sal :) I feel your pain - I would love to see her back on screen!

@Shell RANI! You know, I think we should do our own Blogger Awards, where the winners are chosen by a panel of film bloggers.

@S Ha ha ha!!! It was definitely offensive but maybe I was just in the right mood for that brand of stupid comedy. Thankfully the offensive costumes didn't take up that much of the film.

I really want to see Johny Mera Naam!!! (I have no problems ogling Ramya. ;))

maxqnz said...

No attack on Anushka's character and judgement for finding herself in the same position as Minissha with the undeclared jewellery? tut tut!

As for Ishqiya 2, I haven't even finished Ishqiya yet, but if it's a femme fatale they're after, I'd hope for someone like Chitrangada Singh, she'd be ideal I reckon.

Sal said...

Madhuri's done plenty of the earthy, gritty stuff. She rocked the abuse-spewing daughter-of-the-soil thing way back in Khalnayak. I do think Rani and Chitrangda would be awesome too, though. It's a little sad that there are so few awesome roles for these actresses of substance that they have to be pitted against each other (if onl in their fans' minds). In an ideal world, Rani, Madhuri, Kangna and Chitrangda would all be doing lots of quality work .

Filmi Girl said...

@Maxqnz Unlike Minissha, Anushka wasn't involved in property scams in Dubai or any other sleazy business. Not all scandals are created equal - something to note before you go waving that hypocrisy flag too high.

Note from Filmi Girl:

I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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