Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tuesday Gossip!

Today in gossip, find out about how those spam gossip sites operate, read some painful quotes from clueless Minissha Lamba, Dirty Picture gets in trouble with the Workers Union, Sanjay Dutt loves controversy, and more!

* Top story today is
this interesting article on how so many Bollywood gossip sites just steal content.

“We also sent the DMCA letter to Akaimai, Zedo and Netmagicians — agencies that work to secure privacy and copyright. We requested them to remove Bollywood Hungama site in 72 hours if they did not remove the content, give a written apology, review all other blog articles on the site and remove those not written by their staff.”

Eventually, Mobhani sent a Facebook reply to Kathan. It stated: “There is a link to the original blog at the bottom. Believe you seem to have missed it.” Kathan responded, “No one could miss the claim that the blog post was by Hungama News Network. It implied that I blog for Hungama, which is not true.

I definitely know that myself and other people have had trouble with this. Kudos to Kathan Shukla for taking action.

Here is his real blog:

* Bollywood fans in India will have access to
Youtube Box Office that will try to short circuit pirating by offering a new free blockbuster every month along with other free films, including regional films.

The new streaming access to films is wonderful, although I wonder how many of us really enjoy watching films on our computers and mobile devices.

* Apparently, Aishwarya's
Heroine co-star is Arunoday Singh kind of a douche.

"Though Bollywood has some amazing filmmakers, they lack a support system. There are many films which have no script and cinematic quality and still they earn a million bucks. Till the time such films are there, smaller and more descent movies will never get support," said Arunoday.

Here is the thing - film is not a zero sum game. The fact that
Ready exists and people enjoyed it doesn't negate the existence of a film like... That Girl in Yellow Boots. Just because mass market films exist doesn't mean it is taking away resources from smaller artsy films. Mainstream audiences are never going to embrace small artsy films that ponder the meaning of life and cruelty of the world. Not only do those films generally have terrible soundtracks but you can't take the whole family and then quote zingers from it for the next few weeks.

There is place for both kinds of films in the world and people who only like art house films will be happier if they accept it. I think this idea of the zero sum film industry is why critics get all worked up over films like
Ready and writing scathing reviews and give it 1 star as if the people who it is targeted at will really care that some scold got all worked up over a couple of pee jokes.

If you don't like mass cinema, just ignore it and make your own films! But the thing is that actors like Arunoday Singh actually WANT a mass audience but they want to proscriptively tell the audience what to like instead of listening to what an audience needs and that will never break the box office.

Case in point:
Ready did just fine at the box office over the weekend despite overwhelmingly negative reviews.

* Also kind of a douche:
Minissha Lamba.

But as for Bollywood, she says “I was wary of doing the wrong films out of ignorance and I am happy with the pace I’ve maintained. Outsiders don’t get a second chance,” she confesses, adding, “I’m extremely approachable, yet, not so accessible,” she says.

In the film industry, there is anew face being introduced every other Friday — both pretty and talented. Though according to Lamba, that’s hardly a matter of concern. “New faces don’t bother me; I know I’m the prettiest,” she signs off.

It's getting
kind of embarrassing watching Minissha act like this. I'm embarrassed for her seeing her in a bikini; I'm embarrassed when she has to talk about Cannes; it's painful to read!

Are you content with the way your Cannes stint turned out?

I definitely am. It was the very first time for me and I was so happy to be a part of the brigade that went to the festival from India. It was totally misrepresented (in the press) and I had a great time there. Being there on the red carpet is success enough. Let's see what works out in the future.

What was misrepresented? That she went for one film screening and made no impression on the international media?

* Mallika Sherawat's brother was
caught at the airport with a large sum of foreign currency.

* Shahrukh Khan's autobiography is
on the way.

* Ekta Kapoor's
Dirty Picture is in trouble with the Workers Union for over-long hours on set.

* Bollywood loves everything imported -
especially girls.

* Why is Hema Malini releasing
Tell Me O Khuda opposite Singham? Ajay is going to crush Esha...

* Sanjay Dutt is part of a film on
Baba Ramdev. He really does love controversy and powerful men.

* Find out a little more on
Shaitan which probably isn't getting international distribution. It makes me sad because I want to see it!

The actors of Shaitan said the film contains "horrific" violence and dark humour and bears testimony to the changing tides in Indian cinema where a young, gritty and raw generation are reclaiming cinema. Director Bejoy Nambiar portrays Shiv Pandit as a devil-may-care drug peddler who is also mentor for the protagonists. He falls in love with Kalki Koechlin, an artist who prefers to etch with charcoal, who also brings out the human in him. Rajeev Khandelwal plays a police officer battling demons from his past whose life is falling apart professionally and personally.

Poster for
Aarakshan is out!

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