Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thursday gossip!

Today in gossip - more IIFA INSANITY; Kumar Sanu emerges to trash talk today's singers; Delhi Belly hype is reaching unsustainable levels of media saturation; Salman Khan is an M coverboy; and oh, so much more!


People are writing stories about
the signs at the hotel!

The Toronto Star has more paparazzi photos of shell shocked celebs at the airport and their hotel.

The Spec has the story of how the awards ended up in Toronto.

CHCH News has a video blog talking to the fans outside the hotel!

N.A. Ansari's granddaughter
reminisces in The Huffington Post

Sonu Nigaam will be performing with
Jermaine Jackson.

Global TV Edmonton has a video blog about the event feat. Anil Kapoor!

The Spec gives a quick guide to all the stars who will be at IIFA and their Hollywood equivalents.

Shah Rukh Khan, 45. If you spot this guy and he’s not being mobbed, shout out for him to quit smoking. That should get the attention of Bollywood’s highest-paid actor. Butting out has been a struggle for him, but he rests easy with the title of “King Khan,” a play on his name — shah is king — and on his status in the industry. His stature is so high, he is single-handedly ramping up the star wattage at this year’s awards. The man with the arresting onscreen persona began his film career in the early 1990s, breaking the formulaic good-guy protagonist by being a villain in his films (Baazigar, Darr). He is one of a handful who have risen in the industry without any family in showbiz. Shameless one-upmanship over rivals is part of his charm.

Hollywood counterpart: Given the resemblance of his Don: The Chase Begins Again to the Mission Impossible series, and given the oft-swirling gay rumours, he has long held the title of Bollywood’s Tom Cruise. But he has not engaged in sofa-jumping antics or pontificated on the use of vitamins to cure depression. So we think it more accurate to call him Bollywood’s Brad Pitt.

* Aishwarya Rai's pregnancy is
written into Heroine in a very creative way. Rajkumar Santoshi's Ladies & Gentlemen may have to wait.

* Catch up with
Abhay Deol's facebook woes.

* Oh, god! Abhinay Deo claims there are
no good writers in all of Bollywood. To be fair, if one goes by Deo's Game, one might assume the same thing.

"The fact is that because of the dearth of writers, directors are taking to writing, and that is not the healthiest of things for the industry. But I won`t deny there are some directors like Ashutosh Gowariker, Rensil D`Silva, Mani Ratnam, who are fantastic at writing," Deo told reporters.

Also, Rensil D'Silva wrote that pile of crap
Kurbaan, so let's not include him on this list. And Ashutosh Gowarikar could use a script editor to keep his films at a reasonable length. Mani Rantam... I'll give him that one. Mani is great.

* Aamir Khan turns
item boy... sigh.

* Imran Khan spins
a yarn about how the rumor that Delhi Belly was inspired by American Pie comes from "some disgruntled actresses."

"Yes, it was during the early stage of the film's cast being finalised when a couple of actresses were narrated the film", confirms Imran, "When they couldn't find themselves a part of the film, it suited them to say that the film was obscene due to whatever reasons. American Pie was the reference being thrown around and unfortunately it stuck. Anyways, now everyone can see that the film is more about a bizarre situation that these three guys are stuck in and has nothing to do with the campus humour which forms a major part of American Pie."

Yeah... sure, whatever you say, Imran... I don't recall any rumors about this except from
2009 which is like forever ago in gossip terms. Why dredge up old rumors? Who really cares if it's inspired by American Pie or not...

* Instead, read (or watch, if you speak Bengali) an interview with
Kumar Sanu!

"Before now people could easily recognize the singer from the voice - whether it was Kishore Kumar or Mohammad Rafi or Lata Mangeshkar or Udit Narayan or Kumar Sanu. "Now-a-days all the voices seems to be same", says Sanu.

* Mini Mathur says
film stars are taking all the TV hosting gigs, leaving TV hosts with no work.

* And Vivek Oberoi's cousin Aksahy is going to be starring in
A R Murugadoss's next.

Lastly, check out SALMAN KHAN on the cover of M!


Amaluu said...

Remember when Aamir Khan did an item number in Damini?? Bin Saajan Jhoola Jhulu with Meenakshi Sheshadri?

Jess said...

Lol I'm looking forward to Aamir as an item boy

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