Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thursday Gossip

Today in gossip - everybody is going global, Shahrukh quotes from the Ra.1 press meet take over the gossip pages, one of Aishwarya's Heroine heroes has been cast, Pooja Gandhi is being stalked, and so much more!!

* The Tamil film industry is beginning to go global.

* Lady Gaga also wants to
go global in India. Woman, get thyself an item song in Bodyguard or something and you're golden!

Although, it's kind of insulting that the article praised her for saying "Hindi" instead of "Indian." REALLY? Isn't that to be expected? Are standards so low that bothering to learn THE NAME one of the major languages of India is noteworthy?

""Normally, 90 percent of the market would be in Tamil Nadu only," Hansraj Saxena, head of Sun Pictures which produced Endhiran, told AFP. "But this film has Tamil superstar Rajinikanth with Bollywood's Aishwarya Rai as the heroine and music by Oscar-winner A.R. Rahman, so we thought we could cross territories." He said the film's cinema revenues so far have crossed $90 million, and that it continued to attract audiences in new markets after making waves in the United States, Britain, Singapore and Malaysia.

* While many in the Hindi film industry run from the tradition of song-dance, Katrina Kaif is
embracing it.

“I don’t think they are unrealistic. In fact, I’d actually discard the opinion that Bollywood song and dance routines make a film unrealistic. These are the kind of movies we (Indians) like and it is very much the way we are. People who say that such routines are removed from reality have limited vision."

A woman after my own heart!

* Shahrukh Khan quotes from the
Ra.1 media meet are beginning to trickle out. He says Ra.1 is not a sci-fi film nor is it an answer to Hollywood superhero films.

"It’s not a sci-fi film, but a film which is rich in visual effects. It’s a Shah Rukh film which is meant for the family, which has romance, comedy, action and it’s a story of father and son."

He also says that he's so far beyond number one that he doesn't think about it.

Although, trade pundits continue to talk about him ruling the BO, the superstar has another take. “Honestly, I am way beyond all this now. When someone asks me about this, I just want to shake them up and say, ‘Dude, get yourself a life!’ My father would often tell me that if you keep talking about salt and pepper, how will you dream about the moon?”

And he addresses the Morani arrest for the 2G scam by saying the Moranis are "good people" and whatever the law has to do it will do. (Starts about 1:30 in the video.)

* Arunoday Singh has been cast opposite Aishwarya in

* Dharmendra is set to judge
India's Got Talent 3.

* The
Times of India tackles the age old question... what does an item girl do when no longer being offered item songs?

To create shock and awe almost all out-ofwork item girls turn to racy men's magazines. Provocative photo shoots that show them scantily clad and teasingly sprawled across the centrespreads catapult them back into the thick of action .

"The girls feel that such coverage will help increase the longevity of their careers," says Vivek Pareek, editor, Maxim (India ). Koena Mitra, Yana Gupta, Mandira Bedi and Amrita Rao used to be archival faces till they got a new lease of professional life after doing dare-bare acts for such magazines.

* Squatters have taken over Shilpa Shetty's
London property.

* Ranbir Kapoor and family are tired of his
womanizer tag in the media.

As am I, Ranbir! Does this mean we'll be seeing him with an official girlfriend or even fiancee soon?

* Pooja Gandhi is
being stalked!

* And
Naseer is playing a mafia don in TWO new films.

Badrinath song promo!!

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The Bolly 'Hood said...

I don't think Shahrukh meant that he's so far beyond number 1 that he doesn't think about it. More that he's past the idea of ranking celebrities and that it shouldn't really matter.

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