Friday, June 3, 2011

Senorita! A new song promo from ZNMD!

I'm sorry I missed posting this morning, dear friends. I was having trouble with my Internet connection but it's all fixed for the time being.

To make it up to you, please take a look at this wonderful new song promo from
Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara!

One of the the things I found really painful about Zoya's
Luck By Chance (and other "natrualistic" films like Wake Up Sid and 99) was the way the songs were integrated into the film - aside from the divine "Baware" (the Hrithik version). You could tell that they were aiming for a Hollywood-naturalist tone, a style in which the songs are limited to background score only and are usually pre-existing songs. But Luck By Chance is still a Bollywood film and that means songs are needed for marketing purposes and a soundtrack album full of original material is going to be expected. The way new filmmakers get around this has been to have a the original song play in the background while the main characters stand around gazing at each other or off into space or montaging, instead of just using a normal song picturization sequence.

That solution is really dumb and not any more "realistic" than a song picturization. I don't know about you, but I never stand around in my living room staring off into space and/or gazing lovingly at things while a song I've never heard before but perfectly describes my mental state is piped in from off camera somewhere.

What Zoya appears to have discovered in "Senorita" is what Hollywood musicals from ye olden days did in order to incorporate those crowd pleasing songs. Just like any Fred Astaire film, the actors have prerecorded their own vocals, the setting is rooted in the story (i.e. no fancy costume or scenery changes,) and a performance within the film is the spark for the song. How many Fred Astaire films feature a set-up like this? (Spoiler alert: A lot.)

For me, the specific charm of "Senorita" is in watching Hrithik, Farhan, and Abhay dance. More specifically, in watching Hrithik's "just a normal dude" dancing still be a million times better than Farhan and Abhay's best moves. Even more specifically, watch the gleeful way Hrithik just whips his arms out into the standard Hero Arms Wide Open pose. I dare you not to grin!

Also, the tune is catchy! "... Senorita!"


luscious-words said...

First, yes, yes, yes...I miss the song picturizations. The picturization is a primary reason why I enjoy the movies. And the irony of watching a Gene Kelly/Frank Sinatra movie while commenting is not lost on me. ;)

Second, you've now convinced me I want to get the DVD just for the songs. :)

Third, that snippet was lots of fun!!!

Rahul said...

Wow, it seems all three of them have sung it themselves!

Shell said...

I want Hrithik's sunglasses! LOL! I never thought I'd say that I wanted to hear him sing again though, but fun FUN song! Man, I can not wait for this movie!

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