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Saturday Gossip!

Greetings, lovely people! So, I happened to be googling around about Asoka and did you know there was a glossy coffee table book about the film? Did you know that even used copies go for US $250? INSANE! I just wanted to look at the pretty pictures... maybe one day it will come to me at a more reasonable price.

Anyways, today in gossip! Poster exhibit at the Royal Ontario Museum; find out the real deal with the Morani brothers and SRK; Kalki and Shaitan; Rani Mukerji; Rahul Bose; and MORE!

* Check out some posters from the
Royal Ontario Museum's exhibit.

* Get the scoop on the criminal lives of the
Morani brothers... you know, those guys everybody keeps asking Shahrukh about instead of Ra.1.

Karim Morani is the executive producer of Shah Rukh Khan’s Ra.One. Khan has duly returned the favour by producing Karim’s daughter Zoa’s debut film Always Kabhi Kabhi under his banner Red Chillies. Khan told a Mumbai newspaper recently, “Haan, hai dost (Morani). Toh jaan le loge kya? Are you going to penalise Karim, or me, because we are friends. Yes we were friends and still are. But whatever the law has to do, it should do.” Even Salman Khan came out in support of the family when he said, “I have worked with the Moranis for many years, and he is innocent till proven guilty.”

* Will
KO starlet Karthika be making her Bollywood debut in the remake?

* Remember Yesteryear's filmmaker Brij? Yes, he of
Yakeen and Night in London... Well, you may not be aware that he killed his wife and children and then shot himself. Brij's one surviving son talks about the incident.

Twenty years later, Kamal has lived to tell the tale after the bullet pierced his neck.“Everybody kept asking me what happened the night that wiped my entire family away, but somehow I couldn’t muster the courage to tell it to the whole world. But when I was asked to make a short film, the only thing I could think of was that fateful night."

* I still don't understand why Deepika Padukone deserves to be on the cover of
Verve's power issue... the pull quote talks about her father's career. Sigh.

* Meanwhile, the actually influential Katrina talks about her status as
World's Sexiest Woman.

Ask her how she copes with the tag and Kat says that all this adulation is a new thing to her, so she prefers to live in the past instead. “You know, when I was growing up, I was always the girl-next-door. So it’s difficult to think and imagine myself to be sexy. I’m me at all times, so there’s no pressure, really,” she explains.

* Kalki Koechlin talks
Shaitan, a film I'm DYING to see!

* And find out why small films like
Shaitan are the new trend.

Rahul Bose, one of the first actors to have benefitted from the small film trend, says, “Things have remarkably changed from the time I did ‘English, August'. Now you have four-five small films every year, which get critical acclaim and get decent response at the box office. Worldwide, it is the big banners who make successful small meaningful films.”

* I'm glad to see
Ekta Kapoor and Vishal Bhardwaj banding together to make a film but in what universe is Rani Mukerji TOO OLD for Emraan Hashmi?! She is almost exactly one year older than him are we still in high school where this is a big deal? There is not that much difference between 32 and 31.

This is when I really don't begrudge actresses shaving a few years off their ages. Well, Rani doesn't need you anyways, Emraan. She has other people to kiss...
like Vidya Balan.

Talking about the leading women, our source revealed that it was Rani Mukerji who was being considered for the film. “However, Rani would have looked a bit older opposite Emraan. So the filmmakers are now thinking of casting three young but established heroines. Since the female roles are very vital and performance oriented, they are looking at some performers,” added the source.

Check out a new song promo for
Murder 2, again featuring Jackie, Emraan, and Emraan's horrific mullet.

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