Saturday, June 4, 2011

Saturday Gossip

Hello, lovlies! Today in gossip - the SINGHAM TRAILER... and some other stuff. Baba Ramdev gets on everybody's nerves, Maddy talks acting, and Salman promises to go topless (again!)!

* Read a piece that laments
contemporary lyrics.

If I recall correctly, it was Shahryar, the lyricist of Umrao Jaan, who lamented that modern songwriters load their pens with urine rather than ink. The master said this some years ago, but when he listens to the Delhi Belly track, Bose DK, I can only imagine the euphemism Shahryarsahab would use to describe the degradation. I’d wager that it shall not smell very pleasant.

* Bollywood's item girls take issue with
Baba Ramdev.

Actor Celina Jaitly, who in the past locked horns with the Baba when he called homosexuality ‘a disease’, says, “Mr Ramdev will do anything for publicity, is all I can say."

* And our Shahrukh also takes issue with
Baba Ramdev, raising the ire of Shiv Sena.

"These days it has become a trend for people to poke their nose into issues which are not related to them," Sena MP Sanjay Raut told mediapersons while reacting to Shah Rukh's comments on Ramdev's proposed fast to fight corruption and for repatriation of black money stashed in off-shore tax havens.

Describing Ramdev's stir as "politically motivated", Khan had told mediapersons at the release of his upcoming flick Ra.One's theatrical trailer in Indore on Thursday that he will not support it.

* Remember lovely Kalpana Mohan from
Professor? She has been caught up in a cheating scandal.

* Salman Khan is going to
strip down if his team wins the Celebrity Cricket League.

* Shahrukh Khan doesn't think Bollywood can compete with
Hollywood on special effects.

“It’s fortunate that I am able to take Ra.One to a certain level. I don’t have the resources to take it to a bigger level yet, but if the market for Indian films increases, we can easily do it.” said Khan, who is also co-producing the film with Eros Entertainment.

* Read an interview with
R. Madhavan!

"There are people who prepare for acting in different ways - some would go into realistic acting because that may be their forte. And yet others would do the entertaining stuff in the form of singing, dancing and jumping and fighting - which are great forms of entertaining, I feel."



myrna-nora said...

A year are two ago, I wouldn't have given Singham a second glance. But I fell in love with Telugu films and now this looks exactly like my type of movie!

luscious-words said...

*bounces* Yippee!!!! All the things I enjoy encapsulated in one little film trailer. :)

~ Layla

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