Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday Gossip

Today in gossip - Imran Khan puts on a minstrel show; more tributes pour in for MF Husain; Aishwarya visits the races in Chantilly; get the inside scoop on the Bollywood PR machine; and MORE!

* I can't wait to see this exhibit of film posters at the
Royal Ontario Museum!

* I can wait forever to see... ugh...

Kiran Rao keeps her distance from typical 'masala' films made in Bollywood. Having a keen interest in film making, Kiran has directed a song called "Switty Tera Pyar Chaida", which has a typical rap style. She has conceptualized and directed the music video, which has Imran Khan wearing a lot of chains and dancing like a rapper.

Is it 1992? Wearing lots of chains?
Dancing like a rapper? Somebody call Hard Kaur in here quick because I have a sinking feeling this is going to be a black face video.

Note to Kiran Rao:
This is what today's rap videos look like.

* Interesting damage control - Rani Mukerji says
she turned down the Emraan Hashmi picture, not the other way around as initially reported.

* Read a nice piece on
MF Husain and Bombay.

Though Husain belonged to the world and thought of himself a global citizen, it was Mumbai that was closest to his heart. This is where he came as a young man and this where he found his success. From his early days as a film billboard painter to his beginnings as a family man in the decrepit locality of Agripada to his membership of the Progressive Artists Group to his eventual superstardom; it all happened in Mumbai.

And another more in-depth one
on his life.

He joined Bombay's Progressive Artists Group in the 1940s, a movement that sought to revolutionise the way that art in India was being produced. Essentially, it was about moving on - breaking with the Bengal School of Art that had become increasingly bogged down in nationalism on the road to independence, and also the British Royal Academy, a prevalent system at odds with the inner aesthetics of India that the group hoped to pursue. Husain, along with the likes of Francis Newton Souza and Manishi Dey, were attempting to create an Indian avant-garde, a mode of expression that was new - part of a continuity, perhaps, but the true opposite of reviving old practices. This irreverence ignited Husain's career.

* No surprises here:
Bollywood's crash diets are bad for you.

Crash diets could lead to multiple side effects, says Mumbai-based fitness guru Sheru Aangrish, adding that problems like haggard look, dark under eyes, dull skin, sloppy posture and less stamina are very common among such people.

"Quick weight loss is not healthy either because that leads to loss of more muscle mass than fat. The process of losing fat and gaining muscle may vary from individual to individual but there is no short cut. I don't recommend to anyone instant weight gain or weight loss," he said.

* Check out some snaps of Kareena and Salman on the sets of

* Read some
behind-the-scenes on how those PR stories are created.

So, during the course of release of a film, the star usually finds himself or herself inevitably linked to the co-star, sometimes much to their own surprise. “Any kind of link-ups in Bollywood creates a stir, and when it’s with a co-star, then rest assured that there’s enough steam let off for the curiosity factor to roll on in the right direction. Besides, it adds that sizzle factor that works in a film’s favour,” agrees a veteran film-maker, adding that he’s seen it happen over the years.

* I enjoy the other kind of gossip - like this story on Minissha Lamba, which is probably
not the result of her publicist...

* And who leaked the story of Vidya getting a
skin rash on the sets of Dirty Picture?

* Salman Khan avoids
tax trouble.

* Bipasaha and Maddy in a
film together?

* And upcoming
Bin Bulaaye Baraati has an item number dedicated to Helen.

Lastly, check out lovely Aishwarya Rai at the races in Chantilly, France!

She's so pretty!


Michael Barnum said...

"Tantrum Queens", that is priceless! LOL!

larissa said...

Switty Tera Pyaar is actually a pretty hilarious parody of 'rap style' music videos. Imran's mugging for the camera makes me laugh every time I watch it. But, I think you don't enjoy irony too much filmigirl, so you are probably right in thinking you won't like it.

And poor Kiran Rao, who has been linked to every Delhi Belly song promo that has been released so far. But the only one we know for sure she directed is the (also very funny) Nakkaddwaley Disco, as revealed in the Making Of video posted by UTV on YouTube - which is almost as funny as the promo itself, btw.

Filmi Girl said...

@larissa You are totally right that I don't enjoy irony all that much - especially when I feel like they are mocking something they don't understand. There is a thin line between mocking rap style ala "Right Here Right Now" and putting on a minstrel show and I don't trust the makers of Delhi Belly to find the correct side of that line.

Also, I'm finding all the DB music pretty atrocious but then I know I'm not the target audience. ;P

larissa said...

Do you really think Right Here Right Now is mocking 'rap style'? That video seems pretty sincere to me - Junior Bachchan living out his dream of being a rap superstar, lol. It seems to me that the Indian appropriation of the North American rap aesthetic for songs and music videos is exactly what Switty Tera Pyaar is making fun of. And when I compare the imagery in the Switty Tera Pyaar video with the imagery in, for example, the Mr Perfect video from the Telugu movie Arya 2, it also seems to me that the makers understand exactly what they're mocking. But we'll probably just have to agree to disagree on this issue ;-)

Ness said...

From the promo I saw, I assumed Switty Tera Pyaar was a parody - and I thought it was HILARIOUS - hence I'm with Larissa on this one. I love Right Here Right Now but not because of any intentional humour in it. But I'm reserving final judgement till I see the film.

Filmi Girl said...

@ness I'll have to see for myself, I guess but I'm not getting my hopes up. ;)

But then we have VERY different tastes when it comes to stuff like this...

maxqnz said...

I haven't seen "right here right now", but I did think JuniorB was releasing an album, na? I'm sure he's been tweeting about it. That suggests he was serious about the song. Switty Tera Pyaar, otoh, is great fun, at least to someone like me who cringes everytime a BW film breaks into a "rap" number.

Bombay Talkies said...

Switty Tera Pyaar is pretty hilarious, imo, and definitely poking fun of the bad rap-inspired videos that so many stars seem to take seriously.

It's been out for a week at least, right there on Youtube if you want to check it out...

Filmi Girl said...

@bombay talkies Yes, yes... I've seen it now. I had been avoiding all the Delhi Belly promos because I think the OST is terrible.

I don't think it's hilarious, although it is mocking not rap but the songs where the actors pose around looking cool. It just seems mean spirited and gimmicky. Like DB doesn't want people who enjoy those kinds of songs as an audience.

Bombay Talkies said...

I think you're reading far too much into it. If you don't like it you don't like it. That's fine. It seems like a lot of people understand the concept and enjoy it.

I think it makes fun of the films that *do* use hip hop numbers as gimmicks. Which is a lot of them.

I'd take this over something like Bhool Bhulaiya/Hare Ram any day, that's for sure. Watching Akshay preening around, staring at dancing girls' asses for four minutes was embarrassing.

Switty is just fun.

Note from Filmi Girl:

I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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