Monday, June 6, 2011

Monday Gossip!

Happy Monday, everybody!

Today in gossip, poor Narmada can't seem to land a debut, Sunny Deol is looking at Prachi Desai, Mallika shakes her booty in another item song, Anurag Kashyap has to
personally certify that smoking is harmful, and plenty more tidbits!

* Find out how to write a
useful review of Ready. Spoiler alert: it doesn't include harping on about pee or use of exceedingly juvenile sarcasm to prove that one is "cool."

When it’s about plots and screenplay, Azmee, however, is in his flummoxed state with the aunties often overdressed, uncles too loud and boisterous, under-intellectual villains accompanied by subplots that at times go all haywire. What compensates all such loopholes is Salman Khan’s confidence in the script and in his character.

See, contains useful critiques for people who might go see the film i.e. the plot is confused but if you like Salman Khan, this may be for you. No hand-wringing over vulgarity like a pearl-clutching society lady required.

* And one critic who I always enjoy, Joginder Tuteja, chronicles his experience
watching Ready with his family.

I check with my family whether they have already arrived in the shopping mall where PVR is situated. They have. But hey, now what was that? I see two kids coming my way. One is my son, another is his friend. 'Now where did he come from', is my obvious question. 'Well, your son wanted to bring his friend along too. They both were going 'Dhinkachika' at the very mention of all of us going for Ready', my wife informed.

Hee hee! That's what I was doing at any mention of
Ready last weekend!

Fun little feud between Ra.1 director Abhinav Sinha and DK Bose composer Ram Sampath. Each says the other is "morally questionable."

Anubhav had told the media that he wouldn’t want his nine-year-old son singing DK Bose. Also, he expected better judgement from someone like Aamir. Ram, obviously did not take too nicely to this one.

Calling the director a hypocrite, Ram said, “His last flop film, Cash, is full of skin show and skimpily clad women mouthing lyrics like, Sainya sainya Sehari/ Lagen hai mohe sexy, Love the way u touch me.

Obviously, he’s okay with his kid and other kids singing that. It’s common to see little kids on TV across all channels and reality shows dancing vigorously to such ‘catchy’ numbers with all the moves to the last ‘pelvic thrust’, ‘chest heaving’ intact."

Chillar Party is kicking off the IIFA film fest.

* Read about what's happening with the
Celebrity Cricket League!

After having lost the toss, the captain of the Mumbai Heroes, Suniel Shetty said, “Cricket is something that all of us are passionate about and we’re going to have a fabulous time out there.”

And it was no big surprise to hear the deafening screams from the crowd (the stadium was half full), when the anchor shouted, “Who is supporting the Karnataka Bulldozers today?”

* Anurag Kashyap has
censor woes - he had to shoot a personal statement for Shaitan saying drugs and smoking are bad.

* Shahrukh Khan wants to do a
love story next.

* Will it be Prachi Desai opposite
Sunny Deol for Gayal Returns?

* Govinda's daughter Narmada is having trouble
making a debut. I wonder what the deal is - if she is a terrible actress or irresponsible or flighty or just really unpleasant. You would think that something would have worked out by now if she had any talent at all.

New Mallika Sherawat item number! Alas... while Mallika sizzles, the song and choreography are kind of limp.

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Ha--is that Mallika item number just a mix of Sheila and Munni? It looks like the choreography is an imitation of them (along with mentioning them over and over in the lyrics).

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