Sunday, June 26, 2011

IIFA Post #3

Oh my GOD! It was another late night for Filmi Girl... IIFA started two hours late at 9pm and ran until 2:15 in the morning. All of which might have been less obnoxious if the event hadn't been alcohol-free. Still, it was a SUPER-FUN time and I'll have the full recap for you in the next post.

Here are some of the fun things we got up to yesterday before the big event!

The TIFF Lightbox had a small Raj Kapoor exhibit up...

There was a thing where you could superimpose your head into a famous still from a Raj Kapoor film but the camera wasn't working when we stopped by... I talked to an elderly Scottish couple who were just watching the film clips. "Do you like Indian films?" I asked. "We're waiting for
Tree of Life," they said. Okay, then!

Off to the ROYAL YORK HOTEL to celebrity stalk.

Oh, snap! It's Boney Kapoor hanging around outside.

The light was
terrible inside so I didn't get any pictures but I may post a few later from Shell's sister J if they turned out okay. Essentially, the hotel was a madhouse. People were milling around everywhere with cameras and autograph books. While we wandered around trying to be inconspicuous, I saw Arbaaz and Malika Arora Khan, Vishal Bhardwaj, and Javed Akhtar.

A cute little girl who was totally
cleaning up on autographs let me snap her Malika one. Where cute little girls are generally met with politeness by celebrities, I didn't want to chance being bitch-faced by Malika so I just observed from a distance...

I had a contact with Wizcraft and we hung around for a while hoping she would be able to set something up for us but it was just too hectic with all the pre-IIFA madness. Ah, well...

Next we headed down to the Rogers Center to check out the street fair!

Around the barrier to see the celebs arrive was already packed by early afternoon.

But look who was playing at the street fest?! RAGHAV!

I have to say that Raghav totally cracks me up! I love this guy! His stage banter is so funny...

He was teasing his DJ for buying $5000 worth of clothes here in Toronto... "not that you can tell!" Raghav zinged as the camera man swept over to catch the DJ's surprised face.

(This cute little kid wasn't as big on Raghav as we were...)

Obama burger, anyone?! Ha ha ha! Toto, we're not in Kansas anymore. Canada is surprisingly
quite different from being in the USA. I'm having a tiny bit of culture shock, which is a lot more so than I expected. Canadian dollars are all different colors and they use coins instead of dollar bills! People are polite! The streets are clean! And iced coffee comes sweetened by default at Starbucks, which I didn't know. Who drinks sweet iced coffee... gross!

On the way back to the hotel to get ready we stopped by
Fashion Crimes Toronto and on impulse I bought a gorgeous dress to wear... a dress that I have no room in my suitcase for but that's okay! It's super pretty!

I'll have more on the MAIN EVENT for ya later but now it's time to go enjoy the day!


Mia said...

speaking of culture shock i had it just watching the entire 6 hours!

bollywoodfoodclub said...

I have sugar in my ice coffee, but I also live in a state that borders Canada. Thanks for sharing information about you IIFA weekend.
All the best,

Ness said...

oh man, no wonder Kiwis flock to Canada. coin money, sweet iced coffee...WE ARE THE SAME COUNTRY.

Nerdypanda said...

Hey Filmi Girl, as an Indo-Canadian, I am glad you had a great time. You should've gone inside Royal York hotel, they were doing free workshops with Javed Akhtar and all the other musicians and composers. According to a relative, it was mayhem outside the rogers centre.

Filmi Girl said...

@nerdypanda I did go inside. :) I'll have pictures up from that later...

Rahul said...
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Rahul said...

for some reason i just cant see any of the pictures of your IIFA 1,2,3 posts.

tried using both google chrome & IE..


Jules said...

Haha! I love that last pic of us. I should have maybe tried on that silver dress. We lack dress shops like this back here in RD. Totally fun day! Couldn't wait for the IIFA's. You looked so nice in the purples of your dress.

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xoxo Filmi Girl
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