Saturday, June 25, 2011


Hello, lovely people! I've had an amazing... well, not even 24 hours here in the city of Toronto!

[The grand symbol of AkshayKumarNagar! Hee hee!]

I arrived in the late afternoon and first things first, met up with
Beth Loves Bollywood, Dolce and Namak, Shell's Bollyworld, and her sister J for a super-delicious feast at Aroma!

[Check out the maraschino cherries on top of the savory dishes... and a quick tip from Beth and FG: DO NOT EAT THEM BECAUSE THE TASTE COMBO IS AWFUL!]

[Mini Khan made an appearance!]

[Bolly-bloggers extrordinaire!]

After a quick stop for some coffee, we went to go get ready for the big night out with VIVEK OBEROI and SHAHRUKH KHAN!

The line to get into the hotel was madness... acres of people milling around for celebrity cars to pull through, camera crews, people trying to buy scalped tickets (going for $200 we heard), and party goers just patiently waiting to get inside.

Everybody was dressed to the nines and looking gorgeous - a mix of Western dresses and South Asian clothes.

In the ladies, pre-party! Check out the swanky Sheraton bathrooms...]

The event was held in the giant ballroom. There was a stage set up with a barrier preventing people from rushing it. Tons of beefy security guys were milling around making sure everybody stayed (mostly) civil.

Vivek Oberoi came on looking
fine! He chatted with the crowd a bit, telling us how happy he was to be in Toronto. It's his first visit here... me, too, Vivek!

DANCE PARTY! Let me tell you something, white ladies at this event were an amusing novelty. We got asked to pose for pictures and everybody wanted to come up and boogie with us!

As soon as word got out that THE KING was in the building... all hell broke loose. It was INSANE!

It took SRK probably about 10 minutes of asking the crowd to be quiet for people to finally stop screaming long enough for him to actually speak to us.

My favorite moments the SRK Q&A were when a) somebody asked him who his best friend in Bollywood was and some guy passing behind me yells, "SALMAN!" really loud and b) some white guy with his South Asian girlfriend walked past and I heard him ask her, "So, is that the guy with the microphone?" Clearly having NO IDEA who Shahrukh Khan was... silly white guy!

I just really liked this guy's jacket! His name was... AK (I think!)]



Nerdypanda said...

OMG, Beth, my dad was at the same event as you. He was like it was mostly ladies there and they were crazy. You also get better pics then my dad. LOL.

redeem147 said...

Nobody noticed my Irish background last night (or at least didn't say anything) but I was at the Royal York on Thursday and two women asked to take photos of me in my SRK t-shirt.

The Bolly Hood said...

Wow! Bloggers getting together for a slap up Indian meal! Wish I had been there!

The Mighty Mango said...

Ahh, so jealous! That's awesome that you got to go!

Also really cool that you were a cool white novelty... Usually around Bollywood stuff (in stores, bazaars, etc.) I feel like the weird white girl that everybody just stares at, trying to figure out why the hell I'm there.

bollywoodfoodclub said...

Oh what fun! I was stalking everyone's twitter feed that was in Toronto for the event. Thanks for posting this and the photos. SO glad you all got together and my envy over missing the event is overshadowed by my happiness for you all! A once and a lifetime experience! I look forward to reading more about your weekend.
All the best!

eliza bennet said...

I can't see the pictures :(

Shell said...

ZOMG! What a blur of fantastic fun Friday night was. I think I am STILL on cloud 9 a little bit after seeing Shah Rukh so up close and personal. What a silly fangirl I was!

I loved every second of this evening and was so happy to be able to spend it in such great company!!!!


Also, oh A.K. *smh*

eliza bennet said...

Now that I can see the pictures, thank you so much for sharing. I wish I was there :)

You guys all look pretty too!

Jules said...

There couldn't have been a better way to meet and spend the day and night with a few amazing ladies. I really don't recall ever in my life having this much fun!! xo

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