Thursday, June 23, 2011

Filmi Girl talks to... Vir Das! (Quick Bite)

This is the third in a series of quick interviews with some of the cast of Delhi Belly! Check out Kunaal Roy Kapur and Poorna Jagannathan!

Comedy fans probably already know Vir Das from his hilarious live performances but film audiences are just getting acquainted with the man behind (according to Wikipedia) Brown Men Can’t Hump. You can spot in a hilarious guest spot in Namastey London as one of Katrina Kaif’s potential suitors and in the thankless role of sidekick in Badmaash Company and now as one of the three leads of Delhi Belly. Vir Das is not from a filmi family - his mother wanted him to become an investment banker - but his unique brand of comedy has allowed him to carve out a niche on stage, on TV, and now on film.

Vir Das took the time from his busy schedule to answer a few questions for me via e-mail.

Filmi Girl:
How does film-making compare with doing stand-up comedy? Was it an easy transition? Did you miss having the reaction of the live audience?

Vir Das: Film takes a lot more patience; you spend hours in a vanity van and hours preparing for something that takes 23 minutes to do each day. With stand-up you're on and off in 120 minutes with instant gratification and the reality of whether you've done a good or a bad job - either they will laugh or they won't. It's instant and brutal. With a film you have to wait 8 months to know how good a job you did, it's far more collaborative, with far more layers...and a larger leap of faith.

Your bit in Namastey London was hilarious! Did you find it intimidating working with such big stars?

VD: It was my first time shooting for a film and I am a huge Rishi Kapoor fan; I remember it like it happened two hours ago. At the end of the day Rishi Kapoor looked at me and said, "
Beta, whats your name?" I said, "Sir, Vir Das." He said, "Vir Das, you are a damn good actor!" and left. Have met him many times since, and thanked him every time.

How was the set/vibe of Delhi Belly different/similar to a more mainstream production like Badmaash Company?

VD: With
Badmaash and Delhi Belly, I was just amazed to be working with he likes of Aditya Chopra and Aamir. You realize how big an opportunity this is for someone whom is an outsider like yourself, so you put your nose to the ground and work as hard as you can - you're lucky if they team you up with hooligans like Imran and Kunal because you end up having the time of your life!

[Rocking the trademarked Yash Raj feathered hairdo in Badmaash Company! Sorry, Vir, I had to stick this in here... -FG]

How emotionally attached are you to a film project versus a comedy project? When something like Badmaash Company doesn't click with audiences, how does it affect you?

I'm emotionally attached to everything I do. Everything i do is a part of me and I agonize so that audiences will accept it. If and when they don't it always leads to a lot of introspection and a growth in fighter instincts. I am always preparing for round two, if i don't get you this time...i will eventually. It's just a matter of training and working harder.

A big thank you to Vir Das to taking the time to indulge my curiosity! I hope we see more of this talented comedian in the future!

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