Friday, June 17, 2011

Filmi Girl talks to... Kunaal Roy Kapur (Quick Bite)

Although Kunaal Roy Kapur is better known for being behind the camera - he directed the very well received The President Is Coming (2009) - that may change with the release of Delhi Belly. Kunaal is the middle of three brothers. Elder brother Siddharth Roy Kapur runs UTV and curly-haired younger brother Aditiya you may remember from Guzaarish and Action Replayy.

Film runs in the Roy Kapur blood, which is just as well since Kunaal spent most of the shooting of
Delhi Belly covered in it... or some other kind of muck. His character is the one afflicted with the stomach ailment that gives the film its name. Rumor has it that he stepped into the role of the loose-boweled Nitin after Aamir Khan stepped out, leaving some very (metaphorically) big shoes to fill!

Alfred Adler might theorize that taking such an... attention grabbing role might have something do with middle child syndrome. It can't be easy to be the brother in between the highly successful corporate magnate and the adorably cute VJ...

Kunaal was kind enough to answer a few questions via e-mail for me.

You've done acting and directing - which do you prefer?

Kunaal Roy Kapur: I prefer directing, because I am in love with, and fascinated by, all aspects of the film-making process. Acting on stage gives me great satisfaction, for film I find it more difficult.

And is there another directing project on the way?

Kunaal: Yes, another film is in development, I hope to be directing it by the end of the year.

Would you ever work with Aditya?

Kunaal: I may just sound like an elder brother but I think Aditya has wonderful ease in front of the camera he also holds back and doesn’t have the problem of doing to much, a disease that stage actors like myself face. So I would love to work with him as an actor or director, given the right script.

Family is a part of Delhi Belly, too. How did you guys bond on set? Any funny stories?

Kunaal: I have made some good friends on this shoot, as i'm sure a lot of people do, when thrown into tough situations together. Hopefully some of that with Vir and Imran will translate on to screen. We have become good friends because of our similar sensibilities. I have also made some good friends with a lot of the crew. One of the fun things me and Vir did on set, was steal one of the assistants walkie-talkies and send out strange instructions and orders no one could took them a couple of days to figure what was going on.

[HA HA HA!! I'm can just imagine the chaos... - FG]

Films are a real part of your family. Do you and your brothers try to keep work and family separate or not? Have you ever had a big fight over a film?

Kunaal: We talk about films we love and hate, we argue about actors and directors. We have each made our own way into the industry Siddharth through the corporate world me through theatre and Aditya from TV, so it is too much a part of who we are for us not to discuss it when we meet, but mostly we eat and talk about food.

Mmmm.... sounds like a conversation I could get into. A big thank you to Kunaal and here is wishing him good luck - and a quick cure - for his case of Delhi Belly!


Jess said...

He should work with Aditya.. I want to see more Aditya on screen he is just too cute for words!

Lime(tte) said...

I love The President is Coming, and I hate Aditya Roy Kapur. So I hope Kunaal won't make a film with him.
Otherwise, interesting interview.

eliza bennet said...

God please no more Aditya Roy Kapoor. He just doesn't have good on screen presence. Somehow I'm annoyed by him whenever I see him (even his photos annoy me) Do the poor kid a favour and prevent him from being another Uday.

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