Thursday, June 9, 2011

Filmfare: Y U DO THIS TO ME

You guys know I like Filmfare magazine. They have good articles from time to time and the interviews are nearly as painful as they are in other publications. Plus, the glossy, glossy pictures are so pretty! Sure, they're prone to cycling through the same five celebrities over and over again on the cover but nobody's perfect.

So, imagine my surprise when I saw the latest cover of
Filmfare... it captures everything I hate about the media.

Where to begin...?

Let's start with the cover gir. Deepika Padukone looks like an extra from
Bride and Prejudice and Zombies. Did they not have time to style her? Does she have the flu? Who on Earth approved this photo?!

Secondly, Deepika isn't on the cover because she's promoting a film or talking about a film - no, teaser on the cover would have us buy the magazine to find out about her love life. REALLY?! We're supposed to be interested why - because she's famous? If I wanted to read about famous people dating, I can do that in the National Enquirer and get a much juicier and entertaining story than Deepika's perfect romance with some rich guy.

Now, in the top left, we get an "exclusive" on Shiney Ahuja's harrowing journey to hell and back. THE GUY WAS CONVICTED OF RAPING HIS TEENAGED MAID! If he went to Hell, he drove there himself and I certainly don't want to read about it.

Right below it we get to body police Sonakshi Sinha and find out how she went from 'fat to thin.' And this is important because acting talent is
directly tied to body weight? And why do I suspect that the article will not mention that it's a lot easier to go from fat to thin when you have access to things like personal trainers and private chefs who will police your weight. WHO CARES THAT MUCH ABOUT SONAKSHI'S WEIGHT?!

Finally, we get to catch up with the single lives of Katrina, Priyanka, and Bipasha. YAWN! You know
Filmfare isn't going to be spilling any real dirt because they want to keep good relationships with all the stars. So, I ask, what on Earth is going on here?

An entire issue packed full of diet tips and who is dating who according to who-and-who's publicists and featuring a cover girl who looks like she rolled out of bed about 30 seconds ago (and not in a sexy way)? WHY WOULD ANYONE PAY MONEY FOR THIS?

As a palate cleanser have two more covers: Katrina on FHM and Jackie on Maxim. Both of which feature articles I would rather read than anything on the Filmfare cover and I'm not even the target audience.


maxqnz said...

Thanks for posting the Filmfare cover! Deepika looks absolutely gorgeous - MUCH better than that awful try-hard pose Maxim has poor Jacqueline Fernandez (who I normally enjoy drooling over) stuck in - what's with that stupid jutting out elbow?Underwhelmed by KK's shot too, but at least she doesn't look as bleary-eyed and trout-lipped as the Sri Lankan siren.

Jess said...

I like the design of Katrina's FHM cover, but I don't think her outfit matches the graphics that well...put her in black leather or something.

Deepika looks like she has a hangover.

Anishok said...

Agree with you on the tabloid-y articles, but I think Deeps looks gorgeous, while Kat and Jackie just look AWFUL. Seriously. Both of them.

Filmi Girl said...

Really? Jess and I are only one who think Deepika looks like she's hungover?

Anishok said...

IDK I think Deepika looks fresh-faced and I love the styling of the photoshoot...the muted colors and her casual sexiness.
Kat looks like she's been drinking for a week non-stop, cause her face is extremely puffy (I personally think it's all the botox and the collagen) and Jackie just looks cheap (it's a Maxim cover, but still).

maxqnz said...

FWIW, although the Deepika shot's the only one I really, like, I totally agree about the articles - just the reading the headlines of the Ahuja & Anorexia articles makes me really, really, really ANGRY. He's a predator and Sonam in particular is a stick insect who needs to eat something, anything!

Filmi Girl said...

See, I think the brownish greyish colors of the Deepika cover are really ugly and that flash of cleavage is really tacky looking. Nobody sits like that naturally. It's like they wanted her to be sexualized without having her be sexy... stealth sexualization is the worst.

Sure, neither of the other covers is amazing but I like Kat's saucy shorts and white top and while Jackie's middle has been airbrushed, there is something pleasingly solid about her.

I'm glad we all agree on the articles, though. UGH!!!!

Michael Barnum said...

I've let my Filmfare subscription lapse since last summer, and I feel so out of the loop on new releases...I must rectify that.

The magazine really won me over in years past with interviews of yesteryear performers (hopefully they are still doing this). The interviews with today's stars are often good, also, but I wish that they would choose to interview some of the lesser knowns and the character people...would love to see an interview with Sharat Saxena someday...I mean, that guy is in almost over movie, but I know nothing about the man.

Yes, the Deepika cover is really not very flattering, in my opinion. Perhaps it is supposed to be artsy. I don't know.

Lime(tte) said...

I think the Deepika-cover is just supposed to be High Fashion... The Kate Moss style has never vanished since the 90s, so... yeah, that's probably what happened.

Nicki said...

I think Deepika looks gorgeous!!! Katrina looks good too but it's a bit boring looking, to me.

Sal said...

I think Deepika looks really pretty; not their most imaginative cover, but pretty enough. Yeah, that "fat to thin" headline is iffy; I mean, sure it's interesting to know about a celebrity's fitness regime, especially when they're slim and healthy-looking (and yes, I do think Sonam is healthy-looking; she's got hips and booty. Mallika Sherawat, however, I dunno . . . her smile is getting too big for her face. But i digress), but it's not appealing when it's put in the terms of "fat to thin", where the fat sounds totally pejorative. I think Katrina looks good too, but isn't it starting to get really obvious that she's ODing on the lip-plumpers? Jackie, on the other hand,is one of the most gorgeous actresses in the industry IMO and she's been made to look ghastly (that wig? Noooooo.)

Filmi Girl said...

@michael Yes! We agree on both things! My question to Filmfare is, who are they targeting with this? If Filmfare has decided to compete with People magazine, then there is an open market for those of us who would like to read an interview with Sharat Saxena and have nowhere to go...

@Lime(tte) Hee hee! It's "High" Fashion with the half-baked look.

@Nicki I'm not saying Deepika isn't pretty - she is - but something about the cover is just so blah. The gratuitiously exposed cleavage, the awkward pose, the really dull color palate, it has no personality. And it doesn't help that she's not really promoting anything except a story about her love life.

@Sal Oh, Deepika is very pretty, as she always is, but that cover is hideous. Ick.

Re: the health and fitness regime - it is interesting to read them but I really hate the scolding tone that goes along with most articles of the ilk. Like, we should all be working out for 6 hours a day and eating only 1200 calories of vegan macrobiotic food.

Just once I would like to see a fitness regime article where the actress says something about how it's her job to look like this and it's a lot of work and not very much fun!

(And Kat's lips are very plump. She and Kangs have been hanging out with Barbie in the plastic factory. Hee!)

Sal said...

Shilpa Shetty, at the Filmfare post-awards party aeons ago, said something to the effect that she didn't get too looking the way she does by eating, which I think is pretty honest and also hilarious. So you CAN'T look like Shilpa at 35 if you eat regular meals, after all. At any rate, a lot of these girls are young, have great metabolisms and demanding schedules. As a college kid, I see plenty of my female friends pig out, work out (and love it) and stay slender. I also see girls who aren't reed-thin but who have healthy lifestyles with healthy eating habits and workout regimes.What bothers me about these articles is when they make "thin" sound better than "not thin", which is what leads to beautiful women like Vidya being targeted as "auntie-ji" and so on. Nowadays body-policing is done under the guise of "but if she has pounds on her, she doesn't exercise, which means she is unhealthy; it's not about the aesthetic at all". Um, plenty of women exercise regularly and don't look like Cindy Crawford, and plenty of women don't work out at all, eat what they want, and stay reed thin (like my sister). I guess what I am saying is, I hate a) the indication that one body type is better than the other (which the Filmfare headline gives me), and here I include even the "real women have curves" slogan, which I find totally unacceptable (real women can be skinny! or flat! or have Madonna-arms!) and b)the presumption and condescension in a lot of body-policing (she starves herself/never works out, etc.) Phew! Rant over. :)

Filmi Girl said...

@Sal +1 and +100 to Shilpa Shetty for that remark.

What bothers me about these articles is when they make "thin" sound better than "not thin", which is what leads to beautiful women like Vidya being targeted as "auntie-ji" and so on. Nowadays body-policing is done under the guise of "but if she has pounds on her, she doesn't exercise, which means she is unhealthy; it's not about the aesthetic at all".

VERY true - beauty is equated with a narrower and narrower range of characteristics and if women don't meet them, they are blamed for not trying hard enough. Nobody wins.

maxqnz said...

I don't think Sonam is a healthy thin. Some actresses are (my alltime favourite is Audrey HEpburn, after all!), like Anushka Sharma, but the fact that Sonam ended up in hospital from what was basically malnutrition illustrates what's wrong with this obsession on body image. This man thinks sexy is whatever fits a woman's natural shape, not what some Photoshop-wielding Nazi wants to impose.And collagen lips are ALWAYS stupid, especially when they get Kangana-style.

dagnyfan said...

Can I just thank you, Sal, for your equitable disdain for lame comments about women. I, too, hate that simplistic and overused phrase, "Real women have curves." My preference: "Real women come in all different packages, choose the one you like and vive la difference!"

Sal said...

@dagnyfan: Amen!

Note from Filmi Girl:

I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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