Saturday, May 14, 2011

Youtube Roulette: Sandalwood Item Songs

I watched the adorable 2010 Kannada film Gokula today (review coming soon!) and was struck, once again, at how much I enjoy the films coming out of Karnataka. Although the production values are lower than in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam films, they have so much heart that it more than makes up for the lack of glossy costumes and sets.

I wanted to share Raagini's item song in
Gokula with you but I couldn't find it uploaded anywhere - perhaps it was too risque, since it did get her booted from a Challenging Star Darshan film. This got me thinking of other item songs I've enjoyed in Kannada films... and I couldn't find all that many on youtube! Where is the song with Rakshita's intro song from Tananam Tananam?

Some of the ones I found are under the cut - feel free to link me to more good ones in the comments!

First an example of what I'm
not looking for - the hero trying to look bombaat while a C-list Bollywood heroine slums it in Bangalore.

i.e. Rakhi Sawant in

I couldn't yawn harder at this if I tried!

Now, an item I genuinely enjoyed! From
Hudugaata comes the absolutely charming "Mandakiniye!"

The hero is (of course) Golden Star Ganesh and the song comes early in the film as he is bickering with the fabulous Rekha. He gets off the bus to shake his leg at the rest stop and, well, this happens.

If somebody could identify the dancing girl for me, I'd be grateful! She has quite the figure.

Also, I love when Rekha shoots Ganesh in the head with her invisible gun. Very cute.

I have never seen ANYTHING quite like this "sleepwalking" item song from Namitha in
Hoo... The best part is the annoyed/disgusted look on her friend's face.

Of course... Mumaith Khan in
Orata - I love you!

Now, I have to throw in the heroines...

Aindrita Ray in

And Ramya shaking what her mother gave her in
Jhonny Mera Naam... apparently something that nobody wants to see because it's too vulgar, according to the comments on the video.

Clearly this list is lacking... so post your fave Kannada item songs in the comments!

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