Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wednesday Gossip!

So, it seems there was some controversy in the comments yesterday over the interpretation of SRK's quote about how Ek Tha Tiger was offered to him first.

Pardesi even posted a link to
this article from 2007 where Salman reminisces about how he had been offered Baazigar.

"Talking about this incident, Salman says, “I had refused Baazigar. When Abbas-Mustan came to me with the script, I asked my dad for his inputs. He felt that since it’s a story of a negative character they should add an angle of the mother in it. They didn’t agree. When I turned down the film, they went to Shah Rukh and then they added the mother angle! But I don’t regret it at all.” Finsihing of this comment, Salman added, “If I had done Baazigar then there would be no Mannat standing in Bandstand today,” referring to Shah Rukh Khan’s house."

To my mind - and I think some people agreed - Shahrukh sounded like he was gloating, putting one over on Salman. It becomes even more apparent in
the full interview. (And thanks to NaF for pointing me to it.)

Recent reports even suggest that Yash Chopra shared his [SRK's] contract with Salman to convince the latter that he would get the same remuneration. “I don’t sign contracts with Mr Yash Chopra,” he [SRK] snaps back. “I don’t make my living out of films. In the last 15 years, I’ve never asked my producers what I’m being paid. Kings don’t ask... I’m not a Badshah for nothing. I don’t need to ask for things.”

He just sounds really arrogant! Not that Salman Khan is the master of humility but his quote from 2007 reads much more like he is saying how funny the world is, that one role he passes by can build a house like Mannat.

Anyways, I suppose it's all in the eye of the beholder. Now, onto today's pile of gossip!

* Get ready for the outpouring of
Amar Singh's telephone conversations.

The Supreme Court today lifted its gag order on the media restraining it from broadcasting and publishing the contents of the taped conversations of former Samajwadi Party leader Mr Amar Singh with top politicians and Bollywood stars.

* Brazilian actress
Giselli Monteiro from Love Aaj Kal is taking Hindi lessons. Would Bollywood accept her as a leading lady? Only time will tell...

* Priyanka Chopra says
Barfee is challenging.

"There is a very thin line between caricature and real. But surely, this role is by far the most challenging that I have come across," added the 28-year-old who is reportedly spending time in a mental asylum to get into the skin of the character.

Does anybody honestly think she landed on the correct side of that line? Who keeps casting her in roles like this?!

* Salman picks
Sohail over Arbaaz for next year.

* Fardeen Khan emerges from hiding to announce the rebirth of
FK International.

Rockstar runs into financial problems.

* Here is a question, is it still alleged rape if Shiney Ahuja was convicted? Read a
painful interview with his wife Anupam.

* Rajinikanth has been released
from the hospital. Get well soon, sir!

* Kalki Koechlin wears a bikini in
Shaitan but just as a swimsuit. And from personal experience, yes, that is what Kalki wears at the pool.

“The bikini hasn’t been given a ‘hot’ treatment. It’s a casual sequence in the pool. It’s not like I’m walking down the beach in a typical ‘bikini avatar’,” she laughs, adding director Bijoy made it all very comfortable for her. “And since it’s not a typical bikini outing, I wasn’t asked to bathe in oil or do any other stupid things. Thank God, it didn’t upset me.”

And how cute is it that she says "bikini avatar?"

* Is Arshad Warsi doing another
comedy with Jackky Bhagnani?

* Asin compares Bollywood with
South Indian film industries.

"Down south, as a person, people relate to you easily if you are more down to earth and humble. In Hindi films, one has to carry a star persona off screen too. Bollywood is definitely more glossy and glamorous as compared to other industries. It's a tight ropewalk but I somehow manage it.”

* Ali Zafar wants a
Pakistan premiere for Mere Brother ki Dulhan.

* I'd been avoiding the Deepika-Katrina spat articles because they seemed really media manufactured but
this one kind of sums up the entire thing.

According to sources Katrina took complete 40 days to finish the dubbing for Raajneeti, a total tiring job for Jha. And this could be the same reason why Jha is unable to contain his happiness with Deepika’s quick dubbing performance of 4 days. All this praise doesn’t seem to have gone off well for Katrina. Recently she stated that the scene where she was supposed to give a speech in Hindi in Raajneeti was the most difficult scene she has done till date.

This whole thing is so stupid!! First of all, who says that work completed in four days is of better quality than that completed in forty? Secondly, what is the comparative sizes of their roles? Were they dubbing the exact same number of lines? Katrina had that giant speech to dub, maybe Deepika didn't have anything like that. And thirdly, it was widely reported that Katrina paid for a lot of her dubbing sessions herself because she wanted to make it perfect. Lastly, for everybody trashing Kat's Hindi, it's not like Deepika
speaks perfectly, either. Let's face it, neither have the melodious tones of a Vidya Balan.

Anyways, the whole media-generated spat is annoying.

How about I leave you with
Bheja Fry 2!


eliza bennet said...

"Shahrukh sounded like he was gloating, putting one over on Salman."

After reading the whole SRK interview I don't think he was gloating. He merely replied the questions without showing false modesty but I don't see him being arrogant or acting like he is putting one over Salman.

If no one has claimed that Salman was the first choice, SRK wouldn't even mention it. Seriously he doesn't need to go in that kind of thing.

Katrina's Sheila bombshell item number, Deepika's not really... I guess it doesn't matter who stayed how long in the dubbing room at this stage in their acting careers.

I do think Kat's performances are much better than Deepika's. I can easily see Katrina in Love Aaj Kal but Deepika in APKGK would give me nightmares!

Filmi Girl said...

@eliza I guess it all depends on one's image of SRK in recent days. :)

Your interpretation is a good one, too. I don't know... these stars get asked all kinds of things and their answers aren't always put into context accurately.

The Bolly 'Hood said...

In my opinion, Katrina's Hindi is TERRIBLE. It's not the tone of it, in her case, it's her pronunciation. It doesn't seem natural and you can tell that she's struggling with it on screen. I've never seen a problem with Deepika's Hindi though! :)

Filmi Girl said...

@the bolly hood Yeah, I've heard that about Katrina... I wonder if it's her English accent that makes it appealing for native Hindi speakers?

I'm thinking about in mainstream American culture where a person with a French accent will be accepted more than a person with a Chinese accent, even if their level of English speech is the same.

As a non-Hindi speaker, Deepika's annoying tone of voice is more off-putting to me than Kat's sometimes stilted delivery.

Md said...

i agree with Eliza. The interviewer practically goaded Shahrukh into losing his cool to come out with the 'Badshah' remark (silly answer I admit). His remark on 'Ek Tha Tiger' is hardly arrogant. Salman's Baazigar is worse I think. Anyway, while Salman may have his good points, and Shahrukh may irritate now and then, I go with Shahrukh. At least he doesn't go about mowing down people or shooting endangered species of deer.

Md said...

Re: Kats-Deepika spat - don't know how much of it is manufactured. Kats you are cool - I have no problem with your accent (I guess because I used to hang out a lot with Anglo Indians, Goans etc. I have no hassles with accented Hindi). And Deepika you are cool too. Why fight? There's enough space all around for both of you. Now if Sonakshi was involved ....hmmm

Note from Filmi Girl:

I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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