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Tuesday Gosssssip!

In gossip today - find out who was at the Punjabi Virsa Awards; who is overplaying the homophobe card; ponder the logic of casting PC in yet ANOTHER multi-role film; and read about some exciting new films! (Well, at least one exciting new film!)


* Sad news - Aparna Sen's father film critic Chidananda Dasgupta passed away in Kolkata.

* Bollywood stars are no longer
larger than life and neither is their fashion.

"Does Bollywood have a superstar? The answer is no, we don't have a starry-eyed image whom people would look up to. They are so approachable now. All the heroes and heroines you see are over-exposed; their visibility is way too much for people to absorb a particular trend. The point is there is no exclusivity any more," Kolkata-based designer Joy Mitra told IANS.

* The Punjabi government
gets serious about Punjabi stereotypes in films.

The language minister seized the occasion to take on Bollywood for its "wrong and non-serious depiction of punjabi characters". Sekhwan appealed the representatives of media entertainment Industry to be "very careful on this front as even inadvertent action attracts the public anger thereby posing a serious threat to the social fabric of any region".

Shaitan actually has two same-sex kisses. I don't how Shiv Pandit's describes his reaction, though...

“Out of nowhere, I was asked to kiss Neil. I did it and Bejoy called ‘Cut!’ It was over within seconds,” he adds, admitting that he instantly ran to the washroom to gargle and clean his mouth. “That took me a few minutes.”

Really? You gargled? Isn't that overkill a bit?

Kirti's discussion of
her kiss with Kalki seems much more honest - she simply says it made her uncomfortable... much as wearing a bikini onscreen did! Perfectly understandable reaction without being overly judgey. You know they always say that the people who are the loudest homophobes are the ones with something to hide...

* Some "source" has a hilarious grudge against
Shazahn Padamsee and claims she was being overly demanding of her staff.

* Mahie Gill talks about
her new role.

Did you ever consider that after essaying such a dark role, you might be perceived negatively, especially since Neeraj's parents have expressed their displeasure about the film?

I understand the concern of Neeraj's parents. However, the film does not depict their son badly. It was unfortunate that such a thing happened to him. With regard to the perception of people, I have no idea if I will be labeled negatively. If I find anything interesting, I take it. I don't know why I am being offered such characters, which are very difficult for me to essay, but at the end of the day it is just a film.

* Nana Patekar is making a
May-December romance film and guess who is playing the "December?"

* Prateik Babbar in
Romeo and Juliet? Yes, please! It will be directed by former SLB composer ismail Darbar.

* This is the kind of news that makes me want to say: Ai yooooooooo! Really? The world needs Priyanka Chopra to play
four different roles in a new film? What about the lack of success of WYR and 7KM made Kunal Kohli think this was a good idea? I'm SO TIRED of these gimmicky films! Give me some REAL EMOTION, BOLLYWOOD!

* And, also, the world really doesn't need
Sonu Nigam acting either. Really, we're good with hearing him sing.

Check out some photos from the PUNJABI VIRSA AWARDS!

Sonu Sood!

Lovely, lovely Divya Dutta!

Prem... Prem Chopra!

Dara Singh and his son Vindu

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