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Thursday Gossip!

Okay, so the conclusion we’ve reached on SRK v. Salman is that it all depends on how you are inclined to view each of them in the first place. Still, one commenter brought up something interesting - how much does our previous impression of a star inform our current impression of a star? Do we, as fans, notice the gradual shift in personality or perception? Is Amitabh still Vijay for you or is he the curmudgeonly and overly-defensive blogger?

An example, it dawned on me just this year that Aishwarya was no longer the sometimes wooden starlet but has become an accomplished actress and very sophisticated woman.

So, is Salman still the callous guy who shot an endangered deer or is he the guy who is donating part of his salary to help his workers? And is Shahrukh the family man who is BFF with Kajol or a cold and calculating businessman who froze out former friend Farah Khan?

The answer to those questions will surely color your impressions of any Bollywood news stories... Inside gossip today, an enlightening interview with Naseer, enlightening phone talk from Bips, more trouble on Mausam, and big congratulations for Shilpa Shetty! Plus, check out Hard Kaur performing live!

* And speaking of somebody trapped in a bad image, Tusshar Kapoor
discusses his career.

Q: For someone who often says that you’re your biggest critic, what do you do to improve your craft? For instance, you don’t do theatre that helps develop one’s skills.

A: I take my work very seriously. For the
Golmaal series, I trained hard to play that role (of a mute). People have really taken to the character of Lucky, especially kids. Frankly, I’ve always wanted to be known among kids because they are a huge fan base. Once the kids like you, the family likes you.

* And another with
Naseer, who was in Nepal coaching local actors.

The parallel movie scene in India was at its peak once. Many cinemas and directors were felicitated at Oscars and Cannes. The 80’s also saw some of your best works, Mirch Masala, Paar, Akroosh and Ardha Satya. The trend of such movies have almost dwindled in recent times. Will such projects ever see a come back?

Sometimes a question strikes a chord, but the answer is hard to come about. Will there be cinemas of such caliber?

Honestly I can’t predict the future or the answer. It might come as a shock, but 25 of my films didn’t see the daylight, they were never released. In those days, one was not sure whether their movies would be released, so everyone was compelled to work hard - deliver their best, however, the scenario has changed now.

The culture of multiplexes, DVD and cable television has created an audience for every type of film. But, I’m not totally hopeless. There are movie makers who take their craft seriously and do their best. However, they need to totally banish rubbish that tends to creep into their professionalism due to commercialism.

* Amar Singh denies
the tapes are real. As does Bipasha Basu, who is being linked to one of the conversations. You can read it for yourself here.

Bipasha Basu: Now tell me, when are you meeting me?
Amar Singh: Where do you want to see baby? I am very busy.
B: OK sweetie ...
A: Very nice of you to have remembered me.
B: Yeah, I always remember you.
A: Old person like me?
B: I'm sorry!
A: I said, old man like me..
B: Old man like you ...
A: Yes, yes ...
B: I do not think age really matters...
A: It matters between the legs.
B: (laughs loudly) Oh God ... You try to get some time. We have not met for a month now.
A: Yes, ok ok . We shall meet.

* Ekta Kapoor is adding
holy chants to prints of Ragini MMS. God, I love Bollywood.

* Tiger Dhulia talks about

I did a bit of research for Shagird since it is the first time I've been writing the character of a cop. Researching is not rocket science... along with my writer Kamal Pandey, I met a few cops from Mumbai and Delhi but mostly Delhi since the film is based in the capital. I was more interested and inclined towards a cop's personal life. Everyone have their own lives, for example you as a journalist don't have a 9-5 job throughout, similarly cops and doctors lead a very haphazard lifestyle. I was interested in these things and I was keen to know about things like, the time when these people wake up, eat, what kind of films and music are like and so on. I chose Nana to don a role of a policeman because he's already done a film called Ab Tak Chhappan, where he plays an encounter specialist in Mumbai. So, he knew their lifestyle really well.

* The Big B’s superhero film
Taalismaan is on hold indefinitely.

* Is Aamir Khan going to host
a chat show?

* A fire on the
Mausam set adds to their difficulties.

* The Tamil
Dabangg remake finally has a name - Osthi: Cool Cop.


* Read a piece on the changing place of
women in film.

Ghai added that 15 years ago, most women in the industry, barring the actresses, were the ones with jobs in back-office. On a lighter vein, he added, “Even the actresses have become more confident of themselves. Earlier, they would come to the sets with their mom, dad or an uncle. Today, it’s only the manager, who, in most cases, is also a woman.”

* Ali Zafar has been signed for a
David Dhawan film.

* Hrithik Roshan is appearing on CNN’s
Talk Asia.

* And Shilpa Shetty is
pregnant! Congratulations!

A big CONGRATULATIONS to Kangana's sister Rangoli, who we may remember was brutally injured in an acid attack some time back. It really makes me so happy to see that she is married and (hopefully) happy.

And a treat... Hard Kaur at Blue Frog!

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