Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday Gossip!

A ton of insider gossip, Subhash Ghai reuniting with Salman (!), and Ram Gopal Varma tormenting Karan Johar again?

All that and more!

* Subhash Ghai and Salman Khan...
together again. And of course I'm going to go see the film that results, no matter how terrible.

* Paromita Vohra scoffs at the parade of Bollywood stars at

Producers and producing companies are there for the business part and you can see the logic in that. The movie stars though, are there as 'ambassadors' not for cinema, but for various brands from L'Oreal to Chivas Regal. Well they have to earn their money -- but why do we treat this then, like it's some honour they've earned?

* The times... they are a changing for
Bollywood. This is an interesting take on the changing film industry.

Bollywood trade expert Taran Adarsh says that with access to world movies and Hollywood, many young people now feel that song and dance are unnecessary diversions in a film. "They want a film to be focused on a single topic and shorter in length," he says. Raj Nidimoru, co-director of Shor in the City links Hindi movies' shrinking size to the gradual globalization of taste. "Most movies abroad are roughly two hours or less. This has happened because earlier films were like thalis incorporating a bit of everything. Now they are a la carte, focusing on a specific topic," he says.

* And some juicy insider gossip on
stars who lie...

Talking about static ageing, media professional Devdutta Chowdhary hilariously recalls, "My cousin is a huge fan of actor Rekha, but of late she's piqued how from being a good seven years younger than the star, she's now actually two years older!"

... and star wives who
do drugs.

But industry insiders admit that substance abuse is quite common among Bollywood spouses. Call it the stress of living in the superstar’s shadow. Apparently, beyond the glaring limelight of a movie star, there lies a zone of intense darkness.More often than not, this is the zone the star wife inhabits. Of course, from time to time, she also gets to bask in the star’s reflected glory. But it is a truism in the Hindi film industry that being a star wife comes at a price.

* Meet
Shiv Pandit who is moving into Bollywood film with Shaitan.

"The film is actually quite a gamble for me because the audience knows me for comedy, and this character is diametrically different from my small screen role. It took a lot of hard work, but I didn't want to shy away from experimenting because I really want to be a regular, working actor in films now," said Shiv.

* Shiv talks more about

From whipping himself to shooting in the crowded bylanes of Mumbai, the actor was literally left black and blue by the time for pack up. "When Beejoy told me about the scene, I just went ahead and just started whipping myself. It was a very hot day and I was so enthusiastic that I really hurt myself doing it. It was only the next day that I became all black and blue," said the young actor.

* Meet
Pitobash Tripath who is going from Shor to Joker and Shanghai!

Shirish Kunder was willing to take a chance on him and narrated his role to Pitobash on the phone as he was shooting in the jungles of Bhilai. So Pitobash landed up on the sets of Joker without meeting the director, which is a big leap of faith. The actor also adds that he is putty in a director's hands ("Shirish tells me the situation and I improvise, Dibakar is very particular about what he wants"). And though Pitobash knows he may not make it as the leading man, he is happy because he's eluded the trap of doing the lovable tapori number endlessly.

* Find out about the motorcycle that Katrina is riding in
Zindagi Milegi Na Dobara.

* Imran Khan is launching a
clothing line.

* Bebo is going to be
installed in Madame Tussauds in London.

* Saif Ali Khan and Prateik Babbar are undergoing
voice training before they dub for Aarakshan. Prakash Jha doesn't mess around!

* Luv Sinha still thinks he has a
film career... as does Yuvaraaj. Seriously! Who is going to hire either of them? Luv may get work because of nepotism, which is fine, but nobody is hiring him for leading roles. And Yuvaraaj may as well pack up and head home after the fuss he created with Onir... and the flop performances of Dunno Y.

* Did RGV get
Bbuddha director Puri Jagannath to name Amitabh's character Dinanath Chauhan on purpose to mess with Karan Johar?


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The last one - shouldnt it be RGV at the beginning?

Filmi Girl said...

@louella Yes! Oops! It was a typo - I fixed it. :)

Banannie said...

Wow... Do I feel bad for star wives, especially Mrs N...

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