Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sunday Gossip!

Good morning! I hope everybody is having a splendid day!

Now, as you can see I posted my last Outsider in Bollywood interview yesterday. I hope you enjoyed the series! If I can get more interviews, I will happily add to it but until then... back to normal!

I'm going to keep this short today because it's Mother's Day but basically - ALLU ARJUN! BADRINAATH! New song promos under the cut!

* Bollywood:
Popular in Uzbekistan.

“Bollywood is fantasy, and we love being a part of the journey, even if it’s just for a few hours,” says Obid. The Uzbek film industry, in an attempt to keep its audiences’ interest, has in fact started to elements of Indian films in their own productions. “The characters [in some recent Uzbek films] are larger than life just like in an Indian movie, but the ending is usually sad like a Russian drama,”adds Obid.

* Salman Khan is
tired of Hollywood remakes.

"Making remake of an Indian movie is not a bad thing but making remake of Hollywood films is not a good idea,” opines Salman.

Also, Salman Khan is making a
Superhero film. Let's see if he is able to avoid Hollywood cliche.

* Director Abhinay Deo says Aamir Khan
didn't interfere with Delhi Belly.

Maybe he should have after seeing how terrible
Game ended up being.

* Govinda is
tired and irrelevant.

I suspect that this is the only way Govinda knows how to be, and that really was the secret of his phenomenal success when he burst upon a film industry just waiting for someone like him. In the mid-’80s, Hindi cinema was full of leading men who had made the journey from the increasingly unattainable Malabar Hill to the easier accessed Pali Hill, which rapidly became the new starry outpost. Govinda brought the far-flung unknown Virar, and its untrammeled whiff of suburbia, into the cloistered world of Bollywood.

* Anupama Chopra is writing a book about
the industry side of Bollywood.

The book compiles articles on the underworld, plagiarism and includes spicy, starry tidbits. The impact of Madhuri’s choli is explored, as it spawned songs about khatiyas and khatmals. She writes about how Abhishek defied surefire success and how the young brigade changed the rules of the industry. Anupama also delves on the aspiration value of the industry - dreamy wannabe actors who believed that if Ajay Devgan can make it, why can’t we?

* Minissha Lamba is
starving herself for fashion. This turns my stomach - starvation is not sexy nor should it be encouraged.

Finally, Allu Arjun's new film
Badrinaath is coming out soon and we get the promos to ogle!

I can't wait!


sabs said...

Loved your interviews with non-Indian Bollywood actors! It's hard to come across articles in mainstream media. By the way, if you could snag an interview with the ultimate baddie of 80s Bollywood - Bob Christo, that would be the best!

larissa said...

lol, yes, an interview with Bob Christo from beyond the grave would be quite a scoop!

sabs said...

Thanks for the update, Larissa! That's really sad... I just googled up the news. RIP Bob, you provided us great entertainment in your various roles!!

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xoxo Filmi Girl
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