Saturday, May 14, 2011

Saturday Gossip!

Hello, everybody! It's a grey, rainy day here in Washington, DC... but without rain there will be no flowers, so I suppose I can live with it!

Now, let's see what the gossip columns have dredged up today! This is going to be a monster because I missed yesterday due to Blogger outages... we've got the new Delhi Belly promo, Ranveer Singh acting like an idiot, Kirti on kissing Kalki Koechlin, Salman Khan demanding a return of HEROGIRI, and MORE!

Also, we all know now that John and Bipasha have broken up... so do I need to link to an article for that?

* Saira Banu assures us that
Dilip-saab is just fine.

* I'm going to stick this in here because it's hilarious -
Ranveer Singh is allegedly quite a gossip.

Ranveer who is usually very loud and crass even went a step ahead and added that the line in the Dum Maro Dum song, Pant Khichega Ki Nahi... was intended at RK Junior. Naturally Ranbir wasn't amused. And he made his displeasure evident by asking Ranveer to shut up. Even Anushka asked her Band Baaja Baraat co-star to shut his mouth. But Ranveer wouldn't listen.

* Get a
rundown of the Heroine press conference in Cannes.

* Director Shekhar Kapur talks about

THR: International observers are still intrigued about the potential for Indian cinema to appeal to a wider audience. How do you see this at a time when the corporate side of the Indian entertainment industry is going global (as seen with companies like Reliance or VFX player Prime Focus)?

Kapur: I think the corporate side of the business is taking advantage of whatever opportunities are coming along. I haven’t seen any corporations supporting a ground breaking Indian film with international appeal. The corporates are only giving more to what is already there. Historically, Indian cinema has been led by individuals who gamble everything to make a film such as past masters like Raj Kapoor and Guru Dutt. You still see this today with a top star like Shah Rukh Khan producing and starring in [upcoming big budget super hero caper]
Ra.One. Passion for cinema cannot come from corporatisation, passion comes from individuals. So what is not happening is that corporates are not backing the individual’s passion. And the reason is that corporates are governed by existing market data.

* Salman Khan wants to bring
HEROGIRI back on screen!

Salman Khan, who delivered two consecutive hits in Wanted and Dabangg, says it's a conscious effort on his part to make movies where larger than life characters are glorified. "It's a conscious effort to get those heroes back because I started missing them big time. I want to go to a theatre and I want to see my hero. We used to have it, but now we have romantic films, we have romcoms, so we have started missing heroes. I am in the business and I can pull it off," Salman told IANS in an exclusive interview.

* Kalki Koechlin faced
rejection after Dev.D.

"Many directors rejected me saying that they don’t want a firangi in a movie and also expected my Hindi to be fluent.”

* Actress
Kirti Kulhari was "shocked" to kiss Kalki Koechlin in Shaitan. I would think "pleased" would be the better reaction... but what do I know?

"Director Bejoy Nambiar used to joke around on the set that Kalki and Kirti will kiss, but I took it as a joke till I realized I have to do it. I was quite shocked and that's what you'll see on the screen - my shock and my real emotions coming out. It was too sudden."

* Why didn't I get
this guy for my OUTSIDER IN BOLLYWOOD series?!

* Priyanka Chopra pretends that she doesn't have a
PR Firm running her twitter and facebook.

* Here's a question - why is Giselli Monteiro getting a
free pass from the media about learning Hindi when Katrina Kaif gets bullied for the same thing?

* Rani Mukerji cancels her
Cannes trip because of her father's health.

* Tabu may be joining Naseer in

* Is
Delhi Belly a relaunch for Imran Khan?

* Is Asin going to star in
2 States?

Y-Films is really painfully trying too hard... does the "youth" really fall for this regressive nonsense? I mean, did you see the promotional bits for Love Ka The End?! UGH!

* I really like
Jacqueline Fernandez I really do! She was so charming in Aladin and so sexy in Housefull!

Did you unlearn anything after joining Bollywood?

I always had an impression that acting comes naturally. But, in reality, a lot of hard work, persistence and steel will go into it. I had to unlearn to be so naive. While living on your own, going to other countries, your innocence gets stripped.

* I wish we were getting
Ragini MMS instead of Haunted - Kainaz Motivala talks about it.

It does seem that controversies surrounding this flick refuse to die down. “People who think the title implies this is a sex film or has nothing but a skin show will be disappointed because this is a hardcore concept that has been handled with tact and told beautifully.”But were there any inhibitions doing intimate scenes in her first lead role? “It took me some time to get into the skin of my character but when I read the script, the intimate scenes seemed befitting. They aren't frivolous and they haven't been included just for fame or publicity. Going by what the story revolves around, these scenes are a pivotal part of the plot.”

* What will be the fate of Pakistan's
Coke Studio in India?

The line-up for Coke Studio in India has a three-tiered approach. The producers are riding on the marketability factor of popular singers like Shaan, Sunidhi Chauhan, Shankar Mahadevan, KK and Hariharan, along with newcomers who mostly include television talent show winners like Shruti Pathak and Harshdeep Kaur. And then there are the indigenous folk artistes, who are in actuality the soul of the show. These are names like Raghu Dixit, Wadali Brothers, Sabri Brothers and Advaita. There will be 40 artistes in the show along with a house band, who will be creating original music, and recreating popular songs.

* A model-actress hints that
firang model-actresses are pursuing Ranbir for his name and status.

* Dalits are upset that Saif Ali Khan - a royal - is playing
a Dalit in Aarakshan.

Finally, check out the first look of
Delhi Belly.

I am REALLY not feeling it... Abhinay Deo really biffed with
Game and this one has the stink of a lo~oooong post-production process all over it. Is it just me? This looks like a less-cool Raj & DK production.


Tady said...

My thoughts exactly on the the whole Giselle/kats issue ... but i think the difference is that with Katrina .. people diss her on the fact that she's not a real indian ... and with giselle we all know she's not ... im not really sure if im making my point ... not that i agree with this idea ...

Im really loving the DB promo ... and yes! glad it's not a remake :)

Bluemay said...

Pretty simple really.....Giselle's been in the industry since 2009 while Katrina's been in the industry since 2003. Kat has had 6 more years to improve her Hindi....

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