Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday Gossip!

Find out what audiences thought of the Bollywood documentary at Cannes... and whatever happened to Ranjeeta? (Any guesses?) And who is dating Saif's daughter? Do we care? (No.)

FIND OUT in today's gossip!

* Indian audiences think
Bollywood: The Greatest Love Story Ever Told is "shockingly bad."

Western audiences are finding it

Bollywood: The Greatest Love Story Ever Told will struggle to find an audience amongst the uninitiated, however, which makes it feel like something of a missed opportunity. Even aficionados will struggle to identify the hundreds of works that appear here, out of chronological order and without identification, even in the credit sequence. And Bollywood is ill served by a decision to cut real-life historical images (Union Carbide, the assassination of Indira Ghandi) in with filmed drama to underscore some sort of point about Bollywood and India’s political life that is poorly argued, if at all.

* Read a fun piece on
Ranjeeta, who starred in Laila Majnu opposite Rishi Kapoor and is now running a 7-11 in Virginia.

"Ranjeeta is lovely, photogenic and vivacious," one Indian magazine gushed in 1976.

She was never the country's most famous actress, but she was nominated for the country's best-actress award once and best-supporting-actress twice. She didn't win. She believed the competition may have been rigged and often swore off film functions. She appeared in gossip magazines. She was regularly told by strangers that in real life she looked nothing like she appeared onscreen. It was frustrating. Of course not, she thought, I haven't spent hours putting on makeup.

* Hrithik Roshan attempting not to give any press is still
news. He just can't win...

* Abhay Deol keeps his shirt on in
ZNMD because he has a lot of chest hair. Although, Hrithik insists that Abhay goes bottomless.

* Ileana d'Cruz is
in hospital for exhaustion. She needs to rest up if all these film offers are true.

* Madhuri Dixit returns to Bollywood for
Satta Se Satta remake.

* Saif Ali Khan talks about
his career.

You have been in the industry for long, but if now people were to watch your old movies from the 90s wouldn’t it feel strange?

True, at times even I feel weird when I watch them, but not always. To speak the truth whenever I watch them I feel I have worked very hard to reach this position. In those films I have worked very hard on dancing. With high waist jeans and a different hair cut, I started a new trend in the industry. Especially the emergence of cable networks and satellite rights helped a lot to spread this trend. Watching them makes me feel that all the success that I am getting today is the result of the hard work of those days.
Also Hindi films have become a lot more cool and happening only recently. After which we have reached the international level too.

[Emphasis added by me] Are you kidding me? There is NOTHING more embarrassing than a 40 year old guy talking about what's "cool." Cool is a young person's game.

The rest of the interview doesn't follow up on this trail of thought but instead asks about his daughter's boyfriends. INTERVIEW FAIL.

* NAHIN! Bebo, Katrina, and Salman will
not be attending the IIFA awards.


S said...

OK asking about Saif's daughter's boyfriends goes from boring and pointless to cheap and disgusting. It's really none of our business what a young teen does with her love life - if she even has one!

Shell said...

They are trying to make Toronto the biggest spectacle yet?! It would be nice to know if ANYONE is coming! No Sallu, Bebo, Kat, Shah, Akshay. The list of who is NOT attending keeps getting larger and larger! Come on people, give Canada some love!

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