Monday, May 2, 2011

Monday Gossip!

Good morning, all!

Just a small note - I won't be able to post Alexx's interview until Tuesday because my mother and I are going to a concert tonight... David Crosby and Graham Nash!

I believe Stephen Stills is touring with Neil Young as part of a re-booted Buffalo Springfield... maybe I'll get to see them this year, too!

Now gossip! 

* If Rekha offers to perform -
let her!

* Dancer Sandip Sopparkar attempts to
make it look like he wasn't lying about being invited to the wedding.

So then why has the Buckingham Palace denied inviting Sopparkar? The choreographer says he is clueless. "The function where we were to dance was completely private, not meant for media scrutiny at all. So it makes sense on some level if there was a denial about my invitation. As for the grammatical error in my invitation they need to be checked with the officials who sent it. If I was to make up the invitation why would I write wrong English? I am educated enough to write a decent invite. And why would I use the name of James Kidner who is an ex-assistant at the Palace? I'd have faked the name of a current assistant."

* Aamir Khan supports
community radio!

* More information on the
Raj Kapoor retrospective going to be running in Toronto.

* Anil Kapoor is producing a
Marathi film.

* This interview with
Ekta Kapoor is RIDICULOUSLY snarky.

At least five sizes lighter than a decade back, a glowing Kapoor was seen at the Inter National Institute of Fashion Design in Sector-8, Chandigarh. Dressed in a pair of anti-fit cargos and a frumpy netted Tee, with her rock-size rings, bracelets, a plus sized handbag and black platform heels, she seemed comfortable as she chatted about the small screen, her love for American sitcoms, Bollywood, and more importantly Ragini MMS.

And THAT is how you snark somebody while writing a puff piece.

* Arshad Warsi is
OUT of Maximum and Naseer is in.

* RGV is getting creative with Mahi Gill in
Not a Luv Story. She'll be shooting some sequences herself.

* Imran Khan doesn't watch

* Congratulations to Anurag Kashyap and Kalki Koechlin who were married in her
hometown of Ooty.

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Shell said...

have fun at the concert tonight!

bumbed about Maximum. Oh well. Others to look forward to. And, seriously, what ever happened to filming in Vancouver!? I was so ready to book that trip!

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xoxo Filmi Girl
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