Friday, May 27, 2011

Hrithik Roshan, Mahesh Babu, and Sonakshi Sinha for Provogue!

I actually really like the promotions for clothing brand ProVogue. They're really sassy and sharp without being stupid... like Diesel.

Even better, the slogans on the female-centered ads can (for the most part) be interchanged with those on the male-centered ads. Result: Equal opportunity sass!

Check underneath the cut for more!

This one is my favorite! Yes! Women are from Earth - freaking deal with it, already! That taunting look is delicious...

Another equal-opportunity slogan... but what does it mean?

Finger vs. Hand...

They all like being odd balls...

These are the
two promotional pictures that are really stereotypically faux-girl power... note the head twisted to the side and the "sexy" glance to the camera. While she's busy apologizing, the boys are out solving world problems.

Others are more typically masculine, very action oriented, speaking to a male audience and telling them to go
do things.

One thing I do like about this ad is the prominent placement of Hrithik's lucky thumb! I really am fond of his lucky thumb and I like when it shows up.


Sal said...

Too bad the clothes are kinda terrible. Also, Sonakshi seems to have been whittled away to half her size in some of the pictures.

luscious-words said...

Wowza! Lovin' the Mahesh Babu ones. :)

~ Layla

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