Sunday, May 8, 2011

Get Ready to Be Boyzvoiced!

Boyzvoice are greatest band I never heard of… until now. Since this film is a musical, I think it’s fair game for my blog!

As my family was giggling over Eurovision songs from years past on youtube one weekend not too long ago, we stumbled across this band called Boyzvoice.

I couldn’t quite believe it… How could there be a fake Norwegian boy band who had written an insanely catchy song called “12 Year Old Woman” and I didn’t know about it?!

But, yes, somehow I had missed the phenomenon known as Boyzvoice. My brother tracked down the mockumentary
Get Ready to Be Boyzvoiced (2000) and this evening we all sat around and watched it. In Norwegian. With no subtitles, because he couldn’t get them working. It was extremely funny.

The film follows the adventures of Boyzvoice (M*Pete, Hot Tub, and Roar) as they rise, then fall, and then rise again in the Norwegian pop scene. Now, I only understood maybe 15% of what was being said [
jeg snakker bare litt norsk] but being a fan of boy bands, especially from the late 1990s and early 2000s when I watched TRL, there was still plenty to enjoy… including a cameo from A1, who I still fondly remember for their cover version of Take On Me.

First of all, all the song parodies are magnificent. The lyrics are just as ridiculous as anything coming out of O-town (only more overtly disturbing) and everything else from the dances, to the camera angles, to the costumes, and right on to the music – which is insanely catchy. Everything is spot on.

The long duster coats of “12 Year Old Woman” (embedded above) had me in stitches!

“We are the Playmomen” is the other standout song and… well, you just need to see it.

How could any film possibly top the sight of three grown men pretending to be “playmomen?”

Get Ready To Be Boyzvoiced does it using the talents of comedian/actor Espen Eckbo who plays not only main Boyzvoicer M*Pete but (among many other characters) Boyzvoice’s no. 1 fan Ova… who is 14-years old. I cannot convey in words how hilarious Espen is speaking in a creaky high-pitched voice, his face covered in acne and braces on his teeth.

What really makes the film work is the willingness of the writers to take the humor of the concept of the boyband as far as it will go. By which I mean that, yes, there are gags about lipsyncing and crappy product placement deals, but the greatest jokes involve the weird tension of young teens lusting after men 15 to 20 years older than them.

What would a 12-year old do when faced with the object of her crush? Find out in Get Ready To Be Boyzvoiced!

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Shell said...

BWAH HA HA HA HA! I forsee hours being lost to watching Boysvoiced videos. Thanks a lot.

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