Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday gossip!

Can you believe it's FRIDAY?! Let me tell you, friends, that Filmi Girl is exhausted after this week. Alas, there are two awful looking films at my local Indian theater, so I don't even have that to look forward to. Ready cannot come soon enough!

Inside - Double Dhamaal trailer is launched, actors are confirmed for IIFA, Minissha blames a mystery person for her troubles, and check out Emraan Hashmi's awful wig in Murder 2!

(And more!)

Now, let's start with the trailer for
Double Dhamaal!

This looks hilarious! Mallika and Kangana are very welcome additions to the cast!

Okay, gossip time!

* If you are in the UK, you can check out Amitabh Bachchan on
The One Show!

* Minissha Lamba is going to have to
pay to get her jewels back. And she addresses the jewelry fiasco.

Minissha, what happened?

It was just a minor discrepancy in my papers for the jewellery. I'm just so shocked by the monstrous proportions that the incident acquired. But I don't want to go into who was responsible for it.

So, wait... who was responsible for this if not
Minissha for not declaring the jewels when she left for Cannes? This whole story is just so juicy! I want to know who Minissha blames - her secretary? The media? Are Israeli spy plans circling her house and send transmissions through her television?

Would she really be detained for 16 hours for a 'minor discrepancy?' Wouldn't a minor payment smooth the path for her if that was the case?

See, journos don't have to make up stupid link-up stories! Who cares about that when there is so much real drama happening!?

(Also, Minissha now allegedly endorses
Seagram's GIN?! WHAT? This story just gets crazier and crazier! I can't find anything else that says that she does.)

* Meanwhile... yes, the
National Awards! Bollywood was mostly shut out from major categories, which rewarded regional cinema. That hasn't stopped Hollywood from continuing to pump in dollars to B-town. New deals with Disney and Paramount have been announced.

But an industry insider said, "Hollywood studios should realize that it is a long road ahead and expecting instant results by making movies in the local language is not going to be easy and they will need to stick it out for at least five years if they are looking at short term returns then they are going to be disappointed.''

About 85 per cent of the business of Hollywood films comes from multiplexes.

* Read a nice piece with
Deepti Naval. She talks about Bhindi Bazaar Inc where she plays a Don's wife.

"It's a small role but it's a character that probably I haven't really done in the past. Usually, I have done positive roles and this was one where I could experiment with negative shades. She doesn't go around behaving like a villain, she is just any other woman around the block but there is a negative streak in her, which comes out later in the film. I thought it would be nice to not always play a good person," she said.

* Is Mahesh Bhatt making a film on
the Iraqi journalist who threw a shoe at George W. Bush?

The Deols and Priyanka and the world premiere of Double Dhamaal (!) have been confirmed for IIFA.

* Madhur Bhandarkar is having a hard time finding an actress to play the negative lead in

* Maybe he should call
Kirti Kulhari who seems to be handling the press around her role in Shaitan just fine.

* Read a piece with
Karan Johar!

A remake of his father's production — the Scarface-inspired Agneepath — is something fans are on the lookout for. Karan promises the new version will definitely have a very different Vijay Dinanath Chouhan — less westernised than the character played by Amitabh Bachchan. “But it will be its own baby.”

Murder 2 will be about a serial killer and feature (according to the image accompanying the article) Emraan Hashmi in a terrible wig.

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Shell said...

ha ha ha! Kangs doing slapstick is enough to get me to DD!

Who is responsible for that wig?! They should be hunted down and shot. Oh lord!

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