Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday Gossip!

Hello, lovelies!

In news today we've got some assorted odds and ends - Upendra starts a new film, Prateik Babbar is booked up, Ekta Kapoor and Vikram Bhatt give amusing interviews, and who was invited to Ranbir Kapoor's big bash?!

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* The online debut of ZNMD is May 15th.

* Ekta Kapoor talks about

Television today is no longer what it was five years ago. That euphoria for characters is dead. There's so much of television happening. I mean it's too much of a good thing. In films, on the other hand, because they're three hours, they have a shorter lifespan but a more euphoric one. You see a television show and get excited to watch it but then you realise that you will have to watch two hundred more shows to finish off. It's lost its daily dose effect. It's there but it's not that rampant. I think films yet give you those five minutes of fame. Earlier, television audiences were loyal but today they have more choices and they watch five different shows.

* Prateik Babbar is still in talks for Ekta Kapoor's
Bombay Talkies.

* Sharmila Tagore says she used to be considered a
bad influence on girls.

* Salman Khan - who is really too old to still be referred to as Bollywood's
enfant terrible - is going to share his earnings with the people who worked on it.

"Right now, I want to give a percentage of my earnings from the film that I will start to workers of the film industry," Salman told IANS, adding the amount is not fixed yet. "It can be half of the remuneration; it can be one percent. Even if everyone gives half a percent (of their remuneration), it will be huge money."

* Saif Ali Khan rains on everybody's parade and says
Main Khiladi Tu Anari 2 is not going to happen.

Why tease us like that, Saif?! WHY?

* Kajol is heading back
to work.

* A British distributer talks about working with
Indian film houses.

Burrows says that everybody in the West has an Indian-horror story to tell when it comes to films. “India’s business practices have improved but a lot of distributors are turned off because of crooked producers and deals not being honoured. If I buy a film from Algeria, I know who owns it but if I buy it from India I am not sure what exactly I am buying or what rights have I negotiated for. That needs to improve,” he says.

* Prithviraj is starring in a film that celebrates

* Vikram Bhatt claims
most films are flops.

Vikram waves the statistics aside, and points out, "Firstly, hits and flops are a part of this industry, where 95 percent of films made are flops. Now, if you had to cast according to someone's hits and flops, there would be no one left in Bollywood."
Speaking about Mimoh, Vikram admits that there were certain issues with the actor in his last release Jimmy, but now the past is forgotten and new avenues are waiting to be explored. He says, "There were issues Mimoh had in
Jimmy that he realised later. He went ahead and lost weight, toned himself up, got a different hairstyle, and basically the way he revamped himself is very good."

* Upendra begins filming for

So, Ranbir Kapoor threw a house party and didn't invite me?! Can you believe it? I love to party!

Anushka and Ranveer!

Shahid Kapoor!

Kunal Khem and Soha Ali Khan. Let me tell you, I don't usually care about actors dating but in this case, if it means Kunal will be working more, I'm all for it! He's so talented!

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aham said...

About Upendra's new movie, to be honest as a die hard fan I am disappointed with him,infact whenever he signs a remake movie its disappointing,cause he is wasting his amazing talent, Upendra is a genius film maker probably one of the very few who have actually dared to go beyond imagination the way he has done and even though he is a good actor and in self directed movies he fares better with acting,he is a born film maker he should write/direct more movies and thats what his fans expect,but Uppi as all of his drected/written movies is unpredictable in the choice of his movies.

P.S I hope he directs a movie at least once in every 2 years and did you finish watching H2O? if yes how did you find it,its not his best though.

Note from Filmi Girl:

I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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