Saturday, May 7, 2011

Dharti Posters!

If you have been following me on FB, you know I've been really excited for
Dharti. I've seen it described as the Punjabi Raajneeti and certainly the promotional material is similar. However, I won't be able to judge that until I've seen the film and who knows when that will be.

Dharti is a Punjabi language film but you may recognize some of these faces like Prem Chopra, Rahul Dev, and (the big star) Jimmy Shergill!

Check out more posters under the cut!

Jimmy looks pretty natural in that pilot's seat!

Seeing Prem Chopra just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy... I love that he's been popping up all over the place recently. His turn in
Rocket Singh was really good.

Politician or pilot... which will he choose?!

The nationalistic imagery is interesting, too. Somebody who knows better than me needs to tell me if the Punjabi identity stretches across over into Pakistan or is there that nationalistic divide separating the region?

I like the mirrored shades here - Jimmy Shergill has no time for romance, dammit!

The power of Jimmy compels you!

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