Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Are you ready for Ready?

It's been
months since the last really big film release out of Mumbai. Sure, we've had some classy smaller films like No One Killed Jessica and Tanu Weds Manu but all through the Cricket World Cup and IPL, Bollywood has been concentrating on defending its wicket. Well, it's about time for Bollywood to break out the big gun and hit us a six!

And I, for one, am hoping that boundary-smashing hit is Ready! See some promo pictures and find out MORE under the cut!

ETA: WHOA! Apparently the "Dhinka Chika" promo has released! I just added that under the cut, too!

Salman Khan and Asin star in this remake of the 2008 Telugu film
Ready - there are already so many things right with this scenario. First of all, this is the synopsis for the 2008 Ready on imdb:

A case of mistaken identity leads a college student to abduct a young woman from her wedding ceremony.

I'm sensing that essentially the entire film is going to play like the middle portion of
Athadu or the latter half of Darling where Salman as a college student who is part of Aamir Khan's graduating class in 3 Idiots has to woo over a house full of relatives and Asin.

[ETA: Moimeme corrected me - Salman actually had the role changed to chartered accountant.]

I am okay with this.

Salman Khan is on a roll after the mega-success of
Wanted and Dabangg. He has rediscovered the masala-mojo that other, lesser Heroes left out back behind the Hollywood-style house on No Song Picturization Lane in East Boring Town!

Now, Salman's pairing with Asin was extremely limp in the plodding
London Dreams but I have seen Asin sparkle on screen and I think that this role might be a better fit for her than the non-role she had in London Dreams.

I know some people aren't too keen on director Anees Bazmee but I think his work as a director is pretty good. (The scripts he chooses on the other hand...) Seriously, though, Anees gets great performances out of every one of his cast - even Sonam Kapoor in
Thank You - and that counts for a lot in my book. The other stuff I think Salman Khan is taking a lead on - word is that he reshoot a certain song sequence because he wanted it to have a more grounded sense of place.

Now, add to that a glossifying effect that South Indian
masala films go through when they head North AND some cameos from some Bollywood all-stars and you have a film I'm actively anticipating.

So, enjoy some promo pictures from the film!

Who ordered the ride? Remember at Amrita Arora's wedding where Salman drove off drunk in an autorickshaw?
You don't?!

Oh, Asin... she's so pretty! And I love how her personality just shines through in photos.

I want that dress!

Okay, this one is not a flattering angle for our dear Sallu-bhai.

Nerdy Salman with Paresh Rawal - okay, so Salman in glasses... hot or not?

Sharat Saxena? Is that you?

And some behind-the-scenes...

If you read my interview with Alexx O'Nell you know how important sunglasses are on set!

I like this one because it looks like everybody is having a blast!


Ness said...

geeky sallu = HOT!

Moimeme said...

I'm glad you're so excited about Ready. Just a couple of small corrections. While the original Ready had the hero as a college student, Salman had that part rewritten, as he didn't think that would suit him. He is a guy who works in the family business as a chartered account. (Don't laugh. In India that's a highly valued and glamorous profession! :) )

The second point is, yes, he left in an auto rickshaw from Amrita Arora's wedding, to escape hounding reporters, but he wasn't drunk, nor was he driving.

BTW, do you know the Ready official website is now operative?

Marie said...

This looks like it will be such a fun movie!

@ksana said...

Devi Sri Prasad has decided to go the easy way and redo his own song Ringa Ringa for this one... Well... The original version was better...

eliza bennet said...

Obviously there is something wrong with me since I think Paresh is the hot one in that picture (yeah...ewww believe me, I know but dil wants what it wants)

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