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Wednesday Gosssssip!

Small public service announcement - I made a Facebook page where I'll be posting odds and ends, pictures, videos, etc. So go check it out!

Now, I want to say a sad farewell to X RAY SPEX singer Poly Styrene who passed away yesterday.

She was a true iconoclast - and still an outlier in an era when female rock stars are still expected to be size zero and blond.

To those who would put us in boxes, I say: OH BONDAGE! UP YOURS!

Now, time for some Bollywood gossip...

Enjoy a new Ready song promo!

* The
Technical Awards from IIFA have been announced.

* The Baltimore City Paper covers the
painfully hipster sounding Rasmalai Dreams.

Basically some white guy goes over to Mumbai, holds an open casting call, and gets this:

“They came to the audition with a prepared monologue or a prepared dance piece or song,” [Xav] Leplae says. “That’s the end result of it. A lot of the monologues people were doing were from Bollywood films. I didn’t know that. Indian people told me. I was just taking a chance and it ended up being kind of interesting. Again, I learned something. I had no idea what people would do.”

I don't even know where to begin with this... I can only I hope I never see this film. Treating Indian actors like props for some hipster film is unacceptable.

* Read about
rude behavior from filmi people shooting in Mumbai neighborhoods.

At last count, India was trying to accommodate over 1.2 billion people. Depending upon whom you ask, between 14 and 20 million of those are crammed into our island city of Mumbai. Right now it is too hot, everything is too expensive and most movies are too awful for the average Mumbaikar to brook any inconvenience from the walkie-talkie wearing busybodies who still communicate by yelling across wide-open spaces.

* The
Shiney Ahuja rape case keeps dragging on and on - he has applied for bail (?!) and received it (!!!!).

Seeking bail for his client, Shiney’s lawyer, senior counsel Shirish Gupte, said the actor was convicted even when there was no allegation of rape against him. The victim had told the trial court that there was no intercourse or rape, and she had given a false statement to the police at the behest of one Rekha Mane, who allegedly harboured enmity with Shiney.

Now, as a blogger, of course I do not have all the pieces of information on this case but just from what has been in the press, it really makes me angry that nobody is considering that maybe the victim told the trial court there had been no rape EVEN THOUGH THE EVIDENCE SHOWED THERE HAD BEEN because her family wanted to get her married and
they were having trouble doing that with infamy hanging over her head? Has NOBODY considered that?!

I would like to see somebody make a
No One Killed Jessica out of this story.

Onir talks about crowd-sourcing financing of I Am.

Onir says he raised about one-third of the 30 million rupees ($675,000) budget through donations, most of them from a network of Facebook contacts. The smallest donation was just 1,000 rupees ($23), but the 55 top donors who gave mor than 100,000 rupees each will be rewarded with a co-producer credit and a share of any profits. "Lots of people outside the industry would ask me how they could get involved in films," he said. "So I decided to post a message on my Facebook page asking people to donate money to this project."

* The MNS busts up the sets of Amitabh's
Bnuddha for using illegal dancers.

Ra.1 producer Karim Morani has been fingered in the 2G scam. (Which you can read about here.)

Check out some set pics from Agent Vinod.

* Katrina Kaif's attempt to remake
Priceless has been called off - more importantly, you should click the link to see the ridiculous picture the article is illustrated with.

Love Aaj Kal girl Giselli Monteiro has completed her second Hindi film - SRK's Always Kabhi Kabhi.

* Govinda's weight is
all over the place and ruining continuity in Naughty @ 40.

* Also,
overseas box office report has Dharti doing extraordinary business on just 45 prints.

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