Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tuesday Gossip!

Good morning! I thought I would treat us all to a review of Dum Maaro Dum from a Western film critic who has never seen a Bollywood film before and is seeing it with fresh eyes, untainted by the media hype surrounding Deepika, Abhishek, Dev Anand, etc.

The reviewer, a Mr. Josh Board, has a lot less patience for the technicalities of watching Bollywood than we fans do.
Click here for the full review.

There were a few other bizarre things. One was the intermission the movie has. The film was only two hours and 10 minutes, hardly long enough to warrant a break. And when the intermission started, a few people went to bathroom. It was unfortunate for them, as the movie started three minutes later, before they had gotten back.

This movie also had the weirdest use of subtitles I’ve ever seen. Early on, some characters would speak a mix of Konkani, Hindi, and English (Goa is a multilingual state and often characters speak those two languages, as well as Portuguese). We’d be reading the same words we were hearing. Sometimes when they spoke English, they would use slightly different words than we were reading, which was confusing. Add to that some of the curse words were censored in subtitles, which is something I’ve never seen.

I would like to direct Josh's attention to http://paagalsubtitle.tumblr.com/ for some real ridiculous subtitles!

 * In India,
DMD continues the lukewarm box office trend...

* Here is a lengthy piece with
Genelia D'Souza.

* "Felicitates" is one of my favorite Indian-English words! Salman Khan
felicitates Film City workers!

When I was shooting for my film Bodyguard I realised that there are so many people who work day in and day out and when we organise events we call such people, who don't even appreciate anything. So I thought that we should call those people who work here," Salman told reporters here.

Mr. Felicitates is uninterested in
superheroes, which I approve of. I'm SO TIRED of Batman, Superman, whatever.

"I am not interested in being a superhero. I don't want to wear my underwear on the outside nor do I want to be bitten by a spider. I prefer being SAL-MAN."

* Sonam (who actually made me like her in
Thank You) and Shahid shoot a rain sequence for Mausam. The drama is that Sonam is just out of the hospital for "exhaustion" which I would bet 1 million dollars is code for "disordered eating." Food is what gives our bodies energy, Sonam!

* Sanjay Leela Bhansali throws a hissy fit over
Sonam's remarks on Koffee With Karan. Didn't we all learn our lesson from the Deepika v. Ranbir showdown? Nobody should pay attention to what is being said on that show - total nonsense.

* Reports are surfacing that RGV didn't drop Abhishek, Abhiske dropped out of

* Sridevi is brushing up on her
Hindi to get ready to face the camera again.

* Saif will be
flirting with a guy during Agent Vinod!

Our source on condition of anonymity revealed, "Saif will be seen flirting with a male co-star in Agent Vinod. There is a bit of bromance in the script where you will see Saif who plays a spy apparently seduce a man to get his work done."

That's not what "bromance" means but I don't care! This is going to be excellent!

* Zoya Akhtar is having trouble finding an
editor for Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. (Pssst... Zoya, my sister is available!)

* The Telugu film industry
sorts itself out - I have trouble keeping track of all the strikes and whatnot going on down there.

* Lara Dutta's
Chalo Dilli is having legal trouble.

READY music launch!!! If I could pre-book my tickets for this already, I would.

Asin and Salman! (Or should that be Sal-Man!)

Somebody needs to make a calendar of tough Bollywood heroes playing with small children. I would purchase such a thing if it existed.

I would also insist that Arya Babbar be part of that project.

Asin and Katrina doppleganger, Zarine Khan. For whatever reason Zarine and Jackie are tied together in my mind, perhaps because they both debuted around the same time... I think Jackie has a real spark to her but I'm willing to give Zarine a chance to erase
Veer from our collective memories.


myrna-nora said...

"Add to that some of the curse words were censored in subtitles, which is something I’ve never seen"

American TV does this, too! The audio will have the curse, but the closed captioning will show: ----. Or the reverse, where the words are bleeped the cc types them out.

Carol said...

I'm really getting worried about Sonam's health state. I hated her work in every single film I saw till now ( I just didn't see Thank You), but I reaaally like her (because she's so pretty and smart. Get well, Sonam.

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xoxo Filmi Girl
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