Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tuesday Gossip!

Top story today: first look of Vikram's new film!!

What do you think?

* This is the kind of story that warms my heart to no end... you know I enjoy Bollywood gossip mongering via a source who contact the newspapers... Here is a classic of the genre:
Bebo v. Deepika.

A source close to Bebo insists, "Chamak Challo is not even an item number. Kareena is the film's heroine and the song is part of the story so how can Deepika even be considered?

These rumours amuse Bebo. DP may be spreading this rumour as her DMD track isn't the hit it was touted to be."

* Abhinay Deo has a lot to answer for - his disdain for the audience in
Game was palpable. Read a profile with the former ad man.

"I would like to believe what I bring to the table from advertising is discipline, the visual sense, and the most important - detailing. In advertising, you have to take care of every detail, and that is what I'll always do in my films as well," Deo told IANS here.

To be fair, the details of
Game looked great - costumes, make-up, set dressing...

Unfortunately, the lesson he seems to have taken away from the failure of
Game is: target the youth market.

And Producer Ritesh Sidwani threw a
party to celebrate the release of the film.

* Well, from last weekend's other release, Vashu Bhagnani is reveling in his

Vashu was sniggered at for signing his son as the leading man. They said he was signing his death warrant. Protests Vashu, "But I've always worked with new talent. I've introduced so many newcomers off and behind the camera. Yash Raj has only started doing it now. Though I've got everything I have today from this industry, the industry people can be very cruel when you're down and out. People said I was finished. They said my son could never be a star. We started F.A.L.T.U. when we were at our lowest."

The real question is who is the prominent actor-producer who said this [from the same article]:
Says a prominent actor-producer, "This is the kind of success story that makes us wonder why we're spending fortunes on signing stars. If Vashu Bhagnani can make a success with his son and Yash Raj with Ranveer Kapoor, we don't need to pay the so-called A-listers 15 and 20 crores. With the money we pay stars, we can make Band Baaja Baaraat and F.A.L.T.U."

See, people will still come out for A-listers but only the REAL A-listers. By which I mean, not the handful of actors and actresses picked for magazine covers but the Three Khans. Producers have to decide if hiring somebody like Sonam Kapoor is worth the cash when she doesn't bring in people to the theater but only generates publicity...

* This is a delightful article on
film editors.

Even reviewers don't dwell on technical aspects of editing. "At one time they used to mention it, but not now. May be they are not knowledgeable or trained to be able to comment on it," said [Shirish] Kunder.

Sanjib Datta, who edited films like
Dor and Hyderabad Blues 2, feels reviewers sometimes write just for the heck of writing.

* Pooja Bhatt is taking
UTV to court over the title Thank You.

Love Ka The End is a remake of John Tucker Must Die.

* Ajay Devgn is
sweet on Kajal Agarwal - as he should be! The girl is adorable!

* Is Raj Kumar Hirani's wife a
fake pilot? This story is really odd...

* Hema Malini has
assumed full control of Tell Me O Khuda.

* Sunny Deol is working on a sequel to

* Sajid-Wajid have replaced
Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy for Housefull 2.

* This is an interesting little bit - Saif Ali Khan wants to work with
Shor and 99 directors Raj and DK.

* Move over Flight of the Conchords... meet
Alien Chutney!

* Akshay Kumar is going to do a cameo in
Chalo Dilli!

* Make up tips from
Priyanka Chopra!

New York Times: I am a huge fan of eyeliner. First off, I want to know about kajal kohl. Is it always a cone shape? How is it applied?

Priyanka Chopra: The cone-shape kajal is actually Arabic. With that, a woman closes her eye on on the tip and runs it back and forth along the rim. Traditional Indian kajal kohl comes in a long, slim box. A woman takes her fingertip, rubs it into the kohl and applies it directly to the rim of her eye. It also has eye-brightening ingredients in it, such as eucalyptus. Modern-day Indian women don’t use it very much, though. They use pencils.

* Vidya Balan needs 30 days to get comfortable in her
Dirty Picture wardrobe before shooting.

* This is why I
love Salman Khan - he is wearing his own bodyguard's uniform for Bodyguard.

Atul Agnihotri, producer of Bodygaurd confirmed this, saying: "We have been getting calls from various security agencies from the day we announced the film. However, Salman, bhai is absolutely clear that he wouldn't wear any agency's uniform. Shera is his personal bodyguard he is close too and has used his name as a tag."

Check out his
Bodyguard look here!

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