Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday Gossip!

I think India is taking a breather today after their epic world cup win, so gossip is a little light... let's see who managed to make headlines!

* Read an interesting look at the
much maligned potbelly.

In sacred songs, Hindu goddesses are described as having 'deep navels', 'full breasts' and multiple 'love-handles' on either side. To have a bony frame was the sign of an old witch and associated with fearsome Tantrik goddesses like Chandi and Dhumvati. Temple images show goddesses as being of ample proportions, full but not fat. Modern notions of feminine beauty are also influenced by Western ideas, where softness has been replaced by firmness, as the feminist movement saw the former as a sign of weakness.

Easy there, hoss. The feminist movement is NOT to blame for the current idealization of bony frames. In fact, to quote the title of feminist author and anti-diet campaigner Susie Orbach's best known book: "
Fat is a Feminist Issue."

That said, go read about pot bellies!

* Bollywood is looking for
new revenue streams.

Until recently, Indian filmmakers could be virtually assured of high box office returns, with cinema one of the few forms of entertainment and movie-goers traditionally loyal to big name stars.

But a combination of poor quality content, rising overheads, the global economic downturn and an increase in other ways for people to spend their spare time and hard-earned cash has hit studios in the pocket.

* Read about
Pentagram and their new album.

The quintessential dark shades and closely cropped goatee, Vishal Dadlani looked every bit a rock star as he walked in with his group members for a sound check before their evening performance at the Hard Rock Café in the city. The band is strangely oblivious to Vishal's Bollywood background as they get on with their sound check with such vigour that makes one with think, what is in store for the live gig?

* Will we see
Sonam and Anil share screen space?

* Will it be Bebo opposite Akshay in
Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai 2?

* Was
Once Upon A Time in Mumbaai really a
formula film, like this article says?

On the other hand masala films like Dabangg, Once Upon A Time in Mumbaai, Golmaal, et al seem to have hit jackpot. And as if having learnt a lesson from this, Bollywood is now choosing to play safe by sticking to formula films this year.

I thought it was a fresh take on the 70s nostalgia boom but maybe that's just me...

Either way, the film topped
IIFA nominations!

I Am is about to face the box office.

* Tennis Star
Leander Paes is playing a murderer in his B-town debut.

* Rana Daggubati is
everywhere these days. In fact, most of the publicity around Dum Maro Dum seems to be centered on him.

Rana plays Joaquim Fernandes, a Goa-based musician and deejay, in the film. “I just jumped for it when I got to know about the role. I am very excited about playing a musician and DJ. A Goan musician? I don't think I could have landed something similar to this in Telugu cinema,” says Rana frankly. DJ Joki (short for Joaquim), has a laidback attitude to life and remains a mute spectator to what is happening around him. He drifts aimlessly after an encounter with the drug mafia cost him everything he held dear.

* It's not everyday you get to read a gloriously un-selfaware
like this one from Priyanka Chopra.

Now that you have some distance from ‘Saat Khoon Maaf’(SKM), do you understand the response it received?

We always knew it could be difficult to comprehend. Black comedy is an unexplored genre in India. But we are unapologetic because we always knew this was the film we were going to make. We knew people would either love it or hate it. I’m proud of being a part of SKM. I was heart-broken by the response as a whole, though I was grateful I got a great response as an actor. Maybe SKM was ahead of its time, maybe people didn’t understand it because it was very intelligent.

Ah... the old "it wasn't bad, people just didn't UNDERSTAND it" routine...

* Javed Akhtar is
mad as heck and willing to speak out.

"Business has increased but if you look at it closely, the audience is shrinking. In the last 15 years, you can count on your fingertips the instances when the protagonist came from the working class. Today, films are not being made for them, films are being made for multiplexes. We have approximately 1,600 multiplex screens in the country and around 14,000 single theatres. Most films nowadays cater to a certain segment of the society, while films with widespread appeal like Dabangg and Raju Hirani’s film like 3 Idiots, are exceptions, not the rule. The rule is you make things that are beautiful, don’t talk about poverty, don’t talk about grim social problems, unemployment, farmer suicide, starvation—these are not sexy topics."

* Read a fun profile of
Baba Sehgal!

Where did Baba disappear years after the pathbreaking success of his debut album Thanda Thanda Pani (a desi version of Ice Ice Baby Ice by Vanilla Ice) that also featured chartbusters like Dil Dhadke? “In no way did I disappear from the scene. I have released 20 more albums after Thanda Thanda Pani,” counters Baba, who always writes, composes and sings for his albums. “My latest album, Cross Connection, is being well received. It always feels good when people praise your music. I feel proud to be referred to as the ‘King of Rap’ in India.”


Ness said...

UGH 7KM. It would have been received as a black comedy if that's what they had delivered. But they didn't. I so love Naseer for that interview he gave when he said it was a bad idea from the beginning. HA!

Bombay Talkies said...

Yessss, pot bellies need to make a comeback. That way I won't have to put off what is sure to be an incredible life of fame and fortune while I work on losing 20 pounds.

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