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A longer version of the "Dheela" promo from

At least according to the Interwebs, the biggest English-language Bollywood news story of the day is that
Cannes is Shekhar Kapur's Bollywood: The Greatest Love Story Ever Told which is described as being, essentially, a bunch of youtube friendly clips mushed together into a full-length feature.

It's so aggravating that the films that might genuinely surprise and entertain Cannes audiences are never the ones that make it to Cannes. Instead, they get overhyped star-driven vehicles and these films that play up all the stereotypes.

Do you know what they should be bringing to Cannes? Unconventional films like
Pithamagan and films with a "wow" factor like Madrasapattinam.

* Shraddha Kapoor and Taha Shah talk
Love Ka The End and trying to break into Bollywood.

For Kapoor, however, the struggle has been very different. Initially, being an industry kid helped her. “Industry kids don’t really give auditions. Most production houses warm up to them instantly. But after my first film flopped, people started requesting me to give auditions and I was up for it,” says Kapoor, who rehearsed a lot before she gave her audition at YRF. “I knew, I had to do it. Whenever I would pass YRF studios, my friends and family kept telling me that I have to work here some day,” she says.

The Times of India runs down the hits and flops of the year so far.

Total released films 53


No One Killed Jessica
Yamla Pagla Deewana
Tanu Weds Manu


Dil To Baccha Hai Ji
Patiala House
7 Khoon Maaf

* The media is finally catching on to the fact that Freida Pinto
is a middling actress.

The actress's internationalfilms have opened to mixed responses.Though Pinto's choices have been unconventional, she’s yet to get the nod from critics. Filmmaker Woody Allen’s You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger opened to rave reviews, but Pinto was hardly mentioned.

* Mallika Sherawat meets President Obama and makes
Perez - perhaps a shot taken by a cameraman she hired.

* Rana Daggubati is replacing Abhishek Bachchan in
RGV's Department.

* Trisha and Maddy for the
Tanu Weds Manu remake is confirmed.

Bombay Velvet may not have any stars in it whatsoever.

On reports of Aamir Khan starring in the film, the filmmaker said that Aamir is not in Bombay Velvet. He further added, "I don't need stars for my films. It's because my films are real, I shoot on real locations. I can't afford to put Aamir Khan or Salman Khan on the streets and shoot without giving rise to a commotion."

* After all the fuss Goa made about
Dum Maaro Dum - it turns out they actually liked the film.

* Preity Zinta's television show is

* Vikram Bhatt is remaking
Haunted 3D for Spanish audiences.

* Check out Vidya Balan with her
pregnant Kahaani look!

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