Saturday, April 16, 2011

Saturday Gossip!

April showers bring May flowers... that's what I'm telling myself this rainy day.

* Let's say a fond farewell to popular Tollywood villain
Rami Reddy who has passed away.

Mere Brother Ki Dulhan is going to feature a 60s-inspired song.

Will it be as good as this one?

* Who is the idiot spreading all of these
terrible interviews around the Bollywood gossip rag circuit? I can't take much more of this... who asks Ranbir Kapoor something like this?

Do you consider yourself the sexiest bachelor in Bollywood?

I don't think of myself as the sexiest bachelor in Bollywood. I am an actor. If you tell me that I am a good actor, then it would be a big compliment to me. If you call me a sexy actor, then it is a compliment to my parents because they have made me, it was their genes.

How is anybody supposed to answer a question like that? Any response will make you sound like a tool.

(Also, this is interesting - Ranbir is way ahead of Imran and Shahid with
endorsement deals.)

* The
Hindustan Times tackles the new Western-looking "urban" films.

“Everyone in the industry, actors, directors, scriptwriters and even the audience is now urban – well, mostly,” says Puneet Malhotra, director of I Hate Luv Storys. “So being that way on screen comes naturally to us. Western influences on the present generation of filmmakers are very strong. We all know Hindi, but for most of us, it’s a second language. No wonder that though we make films in Hindi, the look and feel are very Western.”

* And
Outlook India is writing on Abhishek Bachchan.

None of the self-confessed Bollywood buffs we talk to seem to have a bad word to say about Abhishek Bachchan.

Um... hello?! You didn't talk to me!

Seriously, though, it's a fair but sympathetic piece.

So what’s the problem here? Is it his laid-back persona, the perceived lack of aggression/killer instinct or is he not as media-savvy as his compatriots? The biggest culprit seems to be the bad choice of films. “He’s yet to understand the audience’s pulse,” says Mehra. “He has to learn to say no to certain films like the ones he’s been doing for friends.”

I would agree with that - it's also been Akshay's problem since
Singh is Kinng.

* And read a nice profile of my favorite Kannada hero... GOLDEN STAR GANESH on's new
South Indian Film section!

Call it a combination of factors or luck, director Yogaraj Bhat, whose previous two films were failures, had an interesting project on hand. Though he had narrated the story to leading actors, he did not find any takers. Ganesh, who happened to hear the story, planned to take it forward and convinced E Krishnappa, a politician and real estate developer, to listen to the story. That project eventually became Mungaru Male, the highest grossing Kannada film of all time.

* A "source" aka "Deepika's secretary" wants us to know that
Zeenat called Deepika personally and said:

"So, Zeenat Aman spoke to Deepika. She communicated that Deepika looks ravishing and she finds her the best in this generation of heroines,” said the source.

Right... because living legend Zeenat Aman has nothing better to do than worry about a starlet's hurt feelings?


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