Sunday, April 17, 2011

Happy 45th Birthday to Vikram!

The first time I saw Vikram, I fell in love. I’m a latecomer to Tamil cinema - with the exception of the Aishwarya Rai-Tabu-Mammooty starrer
Kandukondein Kandukondein, the one film that everybody has seen - my first exposure to Tamil cinema came in early 2010. When offered the choice between Mani Ratnam’s Hindi Raavan and Tamil Raavanan playing in back-to-back theaters at Loehmann’s Twin Cinema, I chose the Tamil version. Gambling that this Vikram guy would be better than sitting through another painful performance from Abhishek Bachchan, my least favorite actor in Hindi language cinema. I chose Ravvanan.

Vikram’s performance in
Raavanan blew me away. Even though the subtitles were wonky and I didn’t understand what was being said for long stretches, I knew I was watching a master at work. I had never seen anything like the emotion and power he put on screen... I immediately went out and bought most of his back catalog on DVD. I have yet to be disappointed in a Vikram film - even a flawed effort like Kanthaswamy has its redeeming qualities.

So, to celebrate that sexy MoFo Vikram’s 45th birthday, here are all my Vikram reviews for you to enjoy!

Anniyan - the film that introduced us to “Rainbow” Remo.

Arul - the one where Vikram hates “dirty talks.”

Kanthaswamy - which featured an amazing cross-dressing sequence.

Majaa - where I was introduced to Vikram’s forced wedding trope.

Pithamagan - which completely destroyed me. One of the best films I’ve ever seen... ever.

I was so taken with it, I spent hours compiling a bonus post on the
song medley.

Finally, the film that started it all for me -

Here is a
spoiler free review and one that is more in-depth.


larissa said...

Ah, filmigirl, I don't agree with you on much, but I definitely agree with you when it comes to Vikram :-) I think he is the best actor currently working in Indian movies!

Tito Varghese said...

Vikram is a veteran of the Tamil industry and you should watch Sethu, Gemini and the Malayalam Dhruvam if you really want to see where this guy starts from.

barbie-o said...

You go, Filmi Girl! I also discovered Vikram when I chose to watch Raavanan over Raavan and I'm glad I did so ;)

The Bolly Hood said...

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Faisal Hashmi said...

Woo.. Glad to know that u too love Vikram. I was introduced to him in 2006 and amazed by his performance, had seen all the films done by him.

If i knw earlier tht u hvnt seen Pithamagn yet, i had recommended it to u. But atlast u hv seen it. Its an awesome movie.

By assuming, u might not aware about Vikram's next in which he is playing a character of 18 year old boy, I m giving this link of its First look. Hope u enjoy.

Anonymous said...

This is a belated thank you for posting this. I saw the Telugu version of Kanthaswamy, aka Mallanna, and fell in love with him. The primary reason I picked up Mallanna? Your gushing over him in Raavanan. :)

~ Layla

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