Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday Gossip! HAPPY APRIL!

(For those who were curious where Karan Johar denied the news of his marriage - Pinkvilla apparently talked to his camp and they set things straight... so to speak.)

* One thing that is spewing up headlines today is
Shiney Ahuja's conviction.

Womens activists
are applauding the conviction.

Gill welcomed the verdict against Shiney, pointing to the huge amount of pressure that that the victim was under to retract her statement. "In this particular instance, there has been a concerted effort to dilute the crime,'' said Gill. She has observed a steady increase in sexual violence against young domestic workers in affluent localities such as Versova-Oshiwara and Powai-Vikhroli.

Bollywood actors are
not exactly speaking up for Shiney but more speaking against his conviction. A lot of IF he is innocent etc...

And his victim? Her family has
arranged her marriage, which they were afraid would never happen after the rape.

One has to wonder if she withdrew her complaint due to the pressure from her family and community to make the stain on her reputation go away. While nobody simply reading the news articles on the case can know the real truth of what happened, I wish those actors who are so concerned for Shiney's 7 years in prison (of which he probably serve one or two) would share a little of that sympathy for the victim who evidence showed had been RAPED. That's not shooting an deer or stockpiling weapons, or an accident while drunk driving (which Salman is arguing was a tragic
accident), that's a malicious and deliberate act against a woman.

I feel like I should write up a post on WHAT it takes for us to give up on an actor or artist. Where do we draw the line on personal behavior affecting appreciation of their art?

On that note, please go and read Parmesh's column on
Poonam Pandey.

* Naseeruddin Shah
speaks candidly on Bollywood.

That prompts the next question. Is he upset about Vishal Bhardwaj’s 7 Khoon Maaf’s dismal performance at the box-office earlier this year? Shah retorts, “I didn’t think the movie was a great idea even when I read the script, but Vishal is a dear friend and I didn’t want to disappoint him. I think rather than seven, there should have been only three husbands. It was imperative that the audience should love Susanna in the first five minutes into the movie so that they could empathise with her. But that didn’t happen.”

Naughty@40 has been cleared for release.

* The answer to the question: Do I want a Bebo designed Bebo handbag?

* In a development that should be shocking to nobody who has seen pictures of how skeletal Sonam has been looking recently,
she has been hospitalized for the bobbleheaded Hollywood starlet's external complaint - exhaustion.

* Kangana Ranuat asked about the World Cup sounds like me when asked about
American sports.

Mumbai Mirror messaged her asking, "Are you going to Wankhede on Saturday- and with whom?"

Pat came the reply, "What's that?"

That is usually the answer you get from me if you ask me about college basketball, professional basketball, any type of American football, baseball, ice hockey... does it make Kangs a bad person? Absolutely not. Is a cute story? Yes.

* A.R. Murugadoss is returning to

* Look, I know everybody loves Shahrukh but I think he's kind of a

* A-listers are
cutting their fees.

* Vinay Pathak thinks Lara Dutta is
underrated. (I disagree.)

* Thanks to Jeannie for this tip - apparently
Hipsters now like Bollywood.

With hipsters flocking to Bollywood DJ nights on the Main and regular screenings at the AMC, it’s clear that India’s dazzling, dance-packed cinema is escaping the dusty box of bootlegs at your local Desi grocer and hitting the mainstream in Montreal.

Um... what? I have yet to see any hipsters at any Bollywood events.

* Ajay Devgn is doing a
shirtless fight with Prakash Raaj in Singam. Why aren't I watching this right now?

* Manisha Koirala is playing a prostitute in Deepti Naval's
next film.

Teaser for
Chalo Dilli, which actually looks cute:

And for the dreadful looking
Dum Maro Dum:


never-evil said...

Thanks for the link to that P. Pandey article. I was thinking about agency in those terms for something else recently and found it quite pertinent.

Neelima said...

Regarding kerfuffle outside Mannat - what would any normal human being do if there was a huge crowd outside their house? What if it was a star who is used to people gathering outside his house to see him? If the Akshay team had informed him it was their crowd the story would be different. Logic says this is a BS story.

Filmi Girl said...

@never-evil Wasn't that interesting? I would love to read more like that...

@neelima That is an excellent point. :)

Bombay Talkies said...

"Um... what? I have yet to see any hipsters at any Bollywood events."

Thank. god.

(Thanks for the Pinkvilla link!)

luscious-words said...

Ajay Devgn shirtless? Ajay Devgn shirtless and fighting? Needless to say, this will be something I will watch and re-watch many, many times. :)

~ Layla

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