Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What's up, March 2011?

Here how my Twitter feed has looked the last week or so: #CRICKET #CRICKET #CRICKET #CRICKET

And do you know what? I'm totally getting into it. It turns out that cricket is actually a lot of fun to follow! I've been reading
Andy Zaltzman's hilarious and informative blogs to keep up with the action. I'm not sure who I'm going to end up rooting for - right now I'm just enjoying the matches.

Now, if cricket isn't your thing, you can check out what's happening with the
Celebration of all things Deol that's going on all month in some corners of the Bolly-blogosphere. I might try to dig out something or other to join in. I have a backlog of old blog entries that might fit right in.

That just leaves the cinema hall - what do we have to look forward to in this cricket filled month?

Let me tell you!

March 4th:
Bhavani IPS, a Tamil language film about a lady cop who kicks some serious booty.

Will this come to my theater? Probably not. Do I want to send Kalinda over to have a showdown? Absolutely.

March 18th:
Sanju Weds Geetha, a Kannada language film starring everybody's favorite George Bush autobiography reading heroine... Ramya!

March 18th:
Dongala Mutha, RGV's Telugu language film - the USP of which is that it was shot in 4 and a half days.

Plus Charmy is in it and she's SO CUTE! I always want to pinch her cheeks.

The films that had better be praying that India does not make the finals:

March 30th:
Shakti, Jr. NTR's new film. Telugu masala with some Sonu Sood thrown in for good measure. My only question is - why aren't I watching this right now?

March 31st:
Urumi, a Malayalam epic starring everybody's favorite square-jawed hero. No, not Maddy, the other one - Prithviraj.

Dumb looking white guys getting kicked in the face? Wet waterfall saris? Slow motion explosions? Sign me up!


Is the
Love Aaj Kal remake starring Trisha and Power Star going to clash with Shakti? If somebody can find me a trailer of this, I'd be most grateful!

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