Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wednesday Gossip

My apologies for missing your gossip post yesterday. I blame Blogger, which ate my entire post just as I was about to post it!!! I'll try to include those stories in here today so if there are some duplicates, don't mind them.

Now! The big news today... the 10 second
Ra.1 teaser!

It looks... slick. That's really the only impression I get. We'll have to wait and see what the full teaser brings.

And pssst...
SRK is back on twitter to promote it.

What I wanted to share with you yesterday was the poster for
Shor, which should be fabulous because I'm Team Ekta Kapoor these days.

Sendil Ramamurthy from
Heroes and Tusshar Kapoor - I bet sparks flew on that set! This should be interesting...

(Also, apparently
Nikhi Dwivedi is upset that he's missing from the poster.)

And onto gossip!

* Here is something else I really wanted to share with you yesterday: a thoughtful tribute to
Bob Christo

And when Bob 'dies', we, as a nation, get a bit of old style revenge. The 'gora,' the evil who ruled us for ages, is getting the beating our forefathers couldn't really deliver. After all, didn't we opt for Ahimsa?

Bob took on himself all our pent-up racial fury against the whites, perhaps.

And a nice tribute from
Sanjay Khan.

* Since yesterday, Saif Ali Khan has gone on a media blitz!

This interview has him discussing filmmaking and Agent Vinod.

Most Bollywood producers are focussed on making 'globally viable' films. What do you think about it?

It's great we are doing different kind of movies. The population of Indians is so massive worldwide as well as in India that we don't need to cater to foreigners. We are self-sufficient. We are very different from the West in our likes. We can make their form of presentation too, but we as an audience will find it dry. If we want to make a film for the West, we should make it for the West nicely.

How did you know that was EXACTLY what I wanted to hear?! Even I find Western style films really dry...

This interview has him talking his relationships and Agent Vinod.

The actor will be seen with Kareena after the 2009 dud Kurbaan. He agrees it’s a risk as real life couples usually don’t work on screen. “I have experienced this first hand. There’s a comfort and a lack of tension between real couples which can lead to nothingness on screen. But, in this film we have worked a lot on the relationship on screen so that it does not look like some kind of off screen hangover.”

Aw... Saifu, that wasn't the real problem with
Kurbaan (*cough reductive Muslim stereotypes) but I'm glad to see that you've accepted that not every film of yours is perfect.

* One couple who really doesn't work well onscreen -
Katrina and Salman. Thankfully, Kat is going out of her way to avoid a matchup.

* IBN trolls us with an article asking if
Madhuri Dixit is still worth what she once was.

Dixit, who still has a huge fan base in India, is said to have asked for Rs five crore for any film she signs. Her publicist says the actress is entirely justified in asking for the whopping fee given her popularity. She may have been Bollywood's dancing queen extraordinaire in her prime but let's face it - the mother of two and wife of 12 years is beginning to show the stresses of time in crowfeet around the big doe-eyes.

They conclude that Mads is better off fading away into memory gracefully but I think that's ridiculous. The problem isn't her crowsfeet but the lack of a good script. Why isn't somebody writing her a
real comeback vehicle?

Madhuri, here is what I would write for you - a housewife has her world turned upside down when her husband is murdered by the mob and she is swept up into a action-adventure-detective story that has her discovering her strength and realizing that her husband was kind of a jerk. When she solves the crime and realizes that her husband is still alive, she gets to say SMELL YA LATER to him and runs off with the hunky policeman (you can pick your co-star but take a younger guy - Ranbir? Ranveer? Imran?) that has been helping her solve the crime.

What do you think?! We can release it during cricket season for all the cricket widows! Just look how well Kangana's
Tanu Weds Manu is doing!

* Rekha has
not been finalized for Rajini's film but it looks like Amitabh has been.

* Check out Ajay Devgn's
Singam look! Do you even know how excited I am for all these Dabangg hangover films?!

* She was a British subject when she began her career and now
Asha Bhosle has been honored in the British House of Commons.

* AR Rahman's
authorized biography will be out in April.

* I might have linked this before but it's worth doing again - Salman Khan is making a cameo in
Narmmadaa Ahuja's debut.

* An update on Suniel Shetty's
court case.... and a report of some fisticuffs in court.

* Is
Krrish 2 headed for Dubai?

Boom will NOT be re-released says Katrina.

* Oxford is
baffled by Desi Boyz.

* And Sajid Nadiawala has given up even the appearance of casting actresses for their talent and has said he's casting
a Miss India contestant opposite Shahid in Heer-Ranjha. Not a specific girl... just A contestant. Because the only thing a girl needs to be an actress is to be thin and blandly pretty.

* Sanjay Gupta and
Kaante 2 - will it happen?


larissa said...

Ajay's moustache looks pretty anemic compared to the More Than A Moustache that Surya sported in the Tamil original. I didn't even particularly care for More Than A Moustache, and yet I'm somehow disappointed that Ajay hasn't grown one too.

Shell said...

Sendil Ramamurthy and Tusshar Kapoor? That certainly is an interesting combination. I really enjoy Sendhil (he was practically the only reason I watched Heroes and I super love the Bolly episode of my fav tv show Psych). I just purchased It's a Wonderful Afterlife and am really looking forward to finally seeing it!

How excited was I this morning for a double dose of Shah and!? Who cares if he's only here to promote (which he vehemently says is not the case, but time will tell I suppose). I, for one, don't care what has brought him back. I just love that he's here again, no matter how long it lasts!

Banannie said...

Is Madhuri Dixit really worth 5 crores?! Heck yeah! She's worth that and much more! Her grace, charm and acting abilities definitely make her worth much more. I would love to see her make her comeback in something powerful!

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xoxo Filmi Girl
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