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Tuesday Gossip: Welcome home!

HELLO BLOG FRIENDS! I am so happy to be home! My trip was mostly fun but you know how it is when a group of girls travels together... anyways, I'm very happy to be home and writing to you again!

Now, I seem to have missed some fun stuff while I was boogie-woogieing in the home of Country Music, USA so let's get to it!

"Razia" song promo from
Thank You, which is going to be so unpolitically correct but I know I'm going to love it despite myself.

And the disappointing promo for Deepika's item song in
Dum Maro Dum.

YAWN - she just seems angry and kind of uncomfortable.

* Bollywood production houses are targeting
the youth market.

The rise of what is known as the "multiplex audience," urban viewers who have a taste for edgier cinema and the spending power to watch it, has meant that Bollywood is now exploring newer storylines and bolder themes.

The bulk of that audience are youngsters, either in college or fresh out of it, exposed to Western shows and movies and with more spending power than they have ever had before.

"This is an audience that doesn't think like the rest of the population, they are more willing to experiment," says Vikram Malhotra of Viacom18.

While there is nothing wrong with targeting the youth market - I enjoy a teen comedy as much as the next person - it would be a shame to see Bollywood learn the wrong lessons from Hollywood's obsession with youth. One of the reasons Hollywood is having such trouble with getting people in the theaters is that they are targeting the same market that has a billion other distractions (including illegal downloads) instead of the people who might actually go out to the theater.

* Hindi language films are also losing market share to
regional cinema.

Tanu Weds Manu is holding strong in this dry film season.

* Meet
Swara Bhaskar who played Tanu's best friend in the film!

The Golden Kelas have been announced! Big winners (i.e. losers) include Shahrukh for My Name Is Khan, Sonam for Aisha, and Uday Chopra for just being himself.

* And guess what else? Aamir Khan just
loves the Golden Kelas!

Salman Khan has no plans to begin kissing on screen.

Imran Khan says there is no competition between himself and Ranbir.

“Aamir and Shah Rukh (Khan) have been working for over 20 years and drama about them still continues to be written about. Although there’s never been any friction, we will never be able to lead our lives free of controversy. Ranbir has his stardom and I have mine. So why should there be any sense of rivalry?”

* Prateik
Babbar has dropped his last name.

* Read a lovely interview with
Asha Bhosle!

When Bhosle thinks back to the start of her career she remembers dusty movie sets, people running around, lights and cameras. "And there was little me," she says, "falling asleep and being woken up to sing my part. I think of that time fondly – it was pre-independence India. Only my sister Lata [Mangeshkar, a hugely popular singer in her own right], Manna Dey [the 91-year old Bengali singer] and I are left from those who began their careers in what was British India."

* And another with
Madhuri Dixit.

What about film offers? You refused to play mother to Sonam in a film...

I got many film offers, but nothing that's really excited me. Anil (Kapoor) approached me for a film based on
Freaky Friday, but the role didn't appeal to me. It's not about playing mother, it's about my role in a film. But, yes, after this news was out, there was an outrage on my micro-blogging site. My fans don't want me to play mother!

* Look, why would you pick Golden Kela winning Sonam Kapoor over
Kajal Aggarwal?! The only reason would be publicity but even then...

* Yesterday was the 80th anniversary of India's first "talkie"
Alam Ara!

Vinod Khanna is doing a role in The Italian North Pole Players. Will this break my rule of Vinod only doing worthwhile films these days?!

Aditya Roy Kapoor chopped off his curly hair. Will anybody be able to recognize him now?

Himesh Reshammiya is going to be in a film about Michael Jackson... for some reason.

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