Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thursday Gossip!

Good morning, dear readers!

ETA: Apparently Karan Johar just confirmed that the news of his upcoming marriage is NOT TRUE.

Of course. Now, can we find out where Masala got their information?

The greatest Twitter exchange that occurred yesterday has oddly NOT been picked up by the press:


Thanks for ruining my day, nay my decade. also, have you heard of SPECS? RT @: @ u look so much like karan johar!

Karan Johar

@...didn't know I looked that bad sid!!! Apologies!!!

The best part is, this is the first time KJo has tweeted
since news of his upcoming marriage was announced.

The big story today is Shiney Ahuja and his conviction - 7 years of jail time, which he is going to appeal.

The industry for the most part has let out a giant
meh, considering there wasn't that much money riding on any unfinished films.

Reactions are few but they range from
dignified, like from Mahesh Bhatt:

"Normally weaker and vulnerable sections do not get justice. But, in this case, justice has been delivered. Even though we lament that one of our own is in the dock, satisfaction is that larger values of the society have triumphed," the director said.

To angry and personal, like from
Arshad Warsi.

"Murderers, terrorist n corrupt politicians r walking free n Shiney Ahuja gets 7yrs... Judiciary should stop targeting Actors so blatantly (sic)," Arshad posted on his Twitter account.

a) I love that the TOI didn't bother to correct Arshad's twitter-ese for normal English, as they sometimes do b) it took me a few minutes to get that Arshad's not saying that he approves of rape and c) this is clearly the reaction of a man who was hounded by the press and fined for smoking a cigarette.

There has been as little comment on Shiney as there has been on the Karan Johar marriage rumors.

* You know what we all need right now?
An article on mouches in recent Bollywood films.

* Shahrukh's
Temptation Reloaded 2011 will not be taking off in Muscat today.

* Akshay Kumar talks
Thank You:

"People want to be entertained, they want to laugh when they leave the theatre and I want to see them smile," he said, adding he still loves the action genre.

* There is a new chair of the Censor Board - classical dancer
Leela Samson.

* Abhinav Kashyap is shooting his next film in

* Vikram is pulling an Aamir Khan and playing
18 years old in a new film.

* Ranbir Kapoor will be paying tribute to grandfather Raj Kapoor in

* Will Filmistan studios
survive to film another day?

Like Mehboob Khan, Filmistan manager Jasraj S. Purohit is particularly proud of the prison.

“We have renovated the jail recently. We have got extra rooms that can fit into cells. There is also a torture room that gives you a real feeling of the jail,” he said. “If you notice the bars, you’ll see that they’re made of rubber and can be stretched. The audience thinks they’re made of steel and clap in theatres when the hero bends them.

* Meet
Abhinay Deo, director of Game!

And how does he deal with the singularly Bollywood characteristic — thrillers peppered with songs? “That is the deadly part for me. It isn't a natural part of my system personally…but I have grown up around them. Yet, in this genre, it can hinder the story. I was clear it can't stop the storytelling process, so we have only two songs, and they are not extraneous elements.”

What?! Only two songs?! Do you know what hinders the story more than songs? Dull montage sequences set to music... Have Bollywood directors really lost the ability to incorporate songs into the narrative? They seem to do it just fine down South.

Rana begins shooting today - or began shooting today.

* Read a entertaining and surly interview with
Atif Aslam.

You sound apologetic for making music that is commercially viable.

I am not really apologetic.

So what makes a brand of music ‘commercial’?

The marketing behind music makes it commercial.

Let's end on a high note!!!



Tady said...

Yes!!! Thanks for clearing up the kjo shaadi news!

yip said...

I love Shammi!

And Sridevi seems to have been attached to another film, besides Mr India 2.

happy days...

Ness said...

GUTTED that the new genre we created on twitter: GRITZY is but a pipedream now, thanks to the news that KJo is to remain a bachelor. Le SIGH. WHAT ABOUT OUR AWESOME MOVIE IDEAS? HUH?

Faisal Hashmi said...

I want ur "EYES" seriously !!!! :P (Coz the way u spotted the Sid - KJo tweeter war... lol)

Bombay Talkies said...

Do you have a link to KJo's (or his camp's) denial? I'm still seeing his engagement being reported and it's driving me nuts!

Amaluu said...

Noooo Vikram playing 18??? He doesn't need to! He's the sexiest 40+ man ALIVE! One of the few I can still have my older man fantasies about!

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