Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thursday Gossip!

A dark and dreary morning today... still, there is always a chance it will brighten up later!

Now! There is nothing as exciting as the
Ra.1 first look teaser today but let's see what else is in the good old gossip columns.

Check out the
Teen Maar trailer!!! Power Star Pawan and Trish in - correct me if I'm wrong - the Telugu Love Aaj Kal remake. This looks much more my speed than the original...

* If Sandalwood is going to ban Ramya, then it seems
Kollywood is more than happy to give her work.

* Does Bollywood need
market research?

To tap the collective pulse of India’s movie-goers, film producers should be opening up to market research, proponents of market research say. But Indian filmmakers often say they already know what works.

My opinion on this - in case anybody cares - is that market research will only work if filmmakers know what audience they are targeting. Market research could have prevented a disaster like
Break Ke Baad but it might also have sunk a Dabangg. Market research isn't real science - it's a lot of guesswork and if producers are going to use it, they need to be careful.

Do you know who really needs market research are those filmmakers who make "serious" 4 hour epics... it might do them some good to get uncensored audience feedback about what could be trimmed or edited in their bloated run times.

* Speaking of... Karan Johar wants to
end the era of the capital H HERO.

"It's the age of the youth. It`s the age of young talent - directorial, acting and even production houses are going on that path now. We have such few superstars that we need to empower the every sphere... because we can`t keep making movies with the same eight-10 people that we have been doing work with. We need that eight to become 80 for us to be empowered."

First of all, that's a load of BS coming from Karan "Shahrukh's No. 1 Fan" Johar. And, secondly, why not do a little market research on that statement. I think you'll find that many, many people REALLY LIKE their superstars. The only person who getting empowered by replacing superstars is the producer... because he or she won't have to shell out as much for salary demands.

But the reality is that if you want a SUPER HIT film, you need a SUPER HERO - a Three Khan or a Kumar, a Roshan, or (these days) a Devgn.

That's not to say I think we need some new blood - thank Helen for Ranveer Singh - but Superstars aren't going anywhere.

* Happy Birthday to Kangana! Although the
cops busted up her party.

And, see, this is why I will always love Kangs (and Sallu)...

However, there was one thing that made Kangna cheer up – the presence of Salman Khan. Sallu dropped in late to wish her and though he didn’t stay for long, he more than made up for the absence of the others!

She invites all her A-list co-stars to her birthday party and nobody shows up... except good old Salman Khan. It makes my heart ache a little bit... If I was in Mumbai, I would 100% go to your party, Kangana! Happy Birthday!

And she is one
tough cookie.

* The Junior B says what we
all know:

"I think I am terribly overrated as an actor. They have given me more due than I deserve. I have a very very long way to go. I have lot of improvement to do."

More from Saifu on Agent Vinod.

Agent Vinod is no James Bond. 007 is very British and there was a psychology behind the character. He was the representative of capitalism against communist Russia but it is no longer relevant where as Agent Vinod is a special forces kind of guy and very Indian."

* Rumor alert:
SRK and Kat in a Yash Raj romance film.

* See, you are lucky to have me doing detective work! Remember
Urumi? The AMAZING looking period film starring Prithviraj? Be careful if it comes to your area because there is a English language version that, well...

The film's English version is different from it's Malayalam and Hindi counterparts, with additional characters, though the story and the ending remains the same, said Sivan.

What does that even mean? Somebody is going to have to do a
Kites - Kites: Remix and Raavan - Raavanan style write-up on this.

* IT Raids in

India Today blames the lyrics of "Mit Jaaye Gham" for the mediocre response to the song.

"Cheesy item numbers are routine stuff in Hindi films. But jargon such as 'potty pe baithe nanga' is in bad taste. Are words like ' kal meri skirt kheechega ' seriously meant to sound 'cool'? I love item songs but this one just won't make the cut," said Jeet Pramanik, a 25- year- old call centre professional based in Gurgaon.

* Read an article on
film stylists that is packed full of backhanded compliments to Bollywood!

So while Kareena Kapoor, styled by Aki Narula in Kambakht Ishq or Sonam Kapoor styled by Pernia Quereshi in Aisha, looked headed for the luxury malls, the Swastikas and Raimas of Tollywood still look like the characters they play.

* Will it be Hema Malini for Rekha's role in

* Priyanka Chopra prepares for

"Priyanka would hear none of Anurag's protestations. She just took over his time and insisted that they visit a couple of institutions for the mentally and physically challenged. She also got immersed in lengthy workshops and even convinced Ranbir Kapoor to join her. This week she and Anurag have been inseparable in giving authenticity to her character," said a source.

Is that source Priyanka's secretary? *bada bing* I know that some of you really think Priyanka is talented but for the life of me I just can't see it - her acting is much too stylized (Heroine-like) for the kind of role she has been cast in for
Barfee. And you know she is going to have that same overly glamorous pancake make-up to play the mentally challenged girl... just wait and see.

If Anurag Basu can wring a realistic performance out of her, I will be very impressed... with him.


Ness said...

Awww, how much do I love Sallu for showing up to Kangna's birthday party? That might be the saddest story I have read today.

Also, Karan Johar is an idiot.

The Bolly 'Hood said...

I'm really hoping the Shahrukh-Katrina rumors aren't true!!!

Bombay Talkies said...

"If Anurag Basu can wring a realistic performance out of her, I will be very impressed... with him."

Like x 100.

Monika said...

hey nice post i dont think your comments are ridiculos , coz that actually happens in bollywood and thats true , everyone is free to write their view , and you have your view. keep going.

Note from Filmi Girl:

I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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