Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday Gossip!

Hello, hello! I saw a great concert from Kailash Kher last night - I'll have a post up on it soon.

Now, let's hit the gossip!

* Will it be Shahid and Priyanka for
Kunal Kohli's next? Does anybody other than the Bollywood media like this pairing?

* Sharmila Tagore wonders why Indian actors are so hung up on
making it in Hollywood.

'We have got a very supportive Indian diaspora. As long as we get good and meaty roles abroad where we are at par with international actors, it's fine. Otherwise, what's wrong with our own industry which is doing well?' Sharmila, who is the Indian censor board chief, told IANS

* A little more info on
Xtreme City - SRK is playing a gangster and Leo would be a New York City cop.

* There is going to be a new documentary on the
Jewish contribution to Bollywood.

On March 14, 1931, Alam Ara (Light of the World), India’s first talkie was released. It was directed by Ardeshir Irani but its screenplay and songs were written by Joseph Penkar David, a Bene-Israeli Jew.Joanna Ezekiel, a creative writing tutor, is his great-granddaughter and lives in York, England. “My father moved to England in 1964. He remembers my great-grandfather as a gentle, eccentric man. In the late 1930s, my father lived opposite the Wadia Movietone studios for a time. He would watch my great-grandfather enter the buildings every weekday at 8am wearing his fur hat, however hot the weather.”

* Leander Paes debut will be in a
non-filmi thriller. So, no heroine, then...

* The Kochi IPL team is looking to snag
Katrina Kaif, since she is now no longer representing the Bangalore Royal Chargers (aka Deepika's boyfriend's team.)

* Poor Rani Mukerji is trying to fight off chatter of her being
too old.

"My only contemporaries are Sushmita Sen, who is two years older than me and Kareena Kapoor, who is two years younger than me."

* The
Seeta aur Geeta remake is going to be darker... or something. The director has asked Katrina not to follow Hema Malini's performance but to watch films like Sahib Bibi Aur Ghulam instead.

Clearly, Kaif won't have to jump onto the ceiling fan and bash up goons, as Malini did in the original comic caper.
Banerjee says, "I love Seeta Aur Geeta. It is great fun to watch the film. But I don't view Seeta as good and Geeta as evil. One is weak, and the other aggressive. The evil forces come from outside."

"Seeta and Geeta are two halves of a complete individual. We may have hidden fears and insecurities like Seeta but we also possess amazing reserves of courage like Geeta. We, like the two sisters, take injustice to a point and then we give it back," he adds.

And Aishwarya Rai won Cosmo's "Fun, Fearless Female" award...

(photo credit to Viral Bhayani)

Legs! When was the last time we saw her legs at a function? Not a fun, fearless look though...

BEBO! I don't know about that pink dress - not really all that fun or fearless, either.

Anushka Sharma looking very conservative...

Thank god for Munni herself - Malaika Arora Khan shakes things up in her micromini!

Lilette Dubey - my vote for the most fearless actress of 2010. If you saw
Pankh, you KNOW what I'm talking about.

Oh, and some gents showed up, too.

Shahid Kapoor, looking so clean cut and impossibly handsome that he may as well have stepped out of an Old Spice commercial.

Ranveer Singh who is the most fun and fearless of anybody there.

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